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Windom and Simmons Creek Road Only Open to Local traffic in Martin County

LOST RIVER TOWNSHIP - JUNE 27, 2023 - Windom and Simmons Creek Roads are closed to non-local traffic in Martin County.

According to the Martin County Sheriff's Department in a Facebook post on Monday night lots of progress has been made in the last 24 hours along the path of the storm and a lot is left to do to restore utilities.

The Sheriff's Department reports that the view will not change much in the next couple of days and the volume of traffic coming through the area to look is causing major delays and safety issues for crews working in the area.

Martin County Sheriff Office wanted to extend a big thanks to everyone who has helped with cleanup efforts, checked on our neighbors and provided supplies, food and drinks. " The support by the local community has been overwhelming,"


If you would like to donate items to help you can contact Lost River Township Trustee Millie Brown to drop items at the Lost River Fire Station or drop them at the Martin County Sheriff's Office and we will get them delivered to the area.

While lessons can be learned by looking at the damages, please keep in mind that we lost a community member and seriously injured another and a lot of people's normal has been disrupted at a minimum.

The Martin County Sheriff has requested that the community show our neighbors and family members respect and privacy as they navigate through the challenges ahead.

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