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Opinion: Wesley Chapel residents’ response to White River Humane Society new location

This is in response to the letter from White River Humane Society asking for

money to build the new facility on Wesley Chapel Road.

I disagree with Debbie Stailey that the land donated is “suitable” to build the new

facility. Debbie has heard from many people in the Wesley Chapel area that the

land is no place for the Humane Society. There is never a good reason to put the

Humane Society in a residential area. Jacob Slaten, Larry Reed, Mike Blackburn

and Larry Root are a few of over a hundred people who have voiced their

disapproval to you.

The negative impact of real estate values is a certain concern. There will still be

the odor of the dogs that are incinerated. The Humane Society is only open

fourteen hours a week. People will still be dropping off dogs at the facility when it

is not open like they do now at the present location. This is a real safety concern

for the area. The facility would be located on the busiest highway in Lawrence


No one in any residential area would want to be a neighbor to The White River

Humane Society. Sell the property and locate in a true suitable location, away

from people’s homes.

I love dogs. Our Boston Terrier is an important part of our family. I am still of the

old school opinion that people are more important than animals. The people of

the Wesley Chapel area are vehemently opposed to the new location in the midst

of their homes.

Dwight Dunbar

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