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Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission spends more than takes in over the last year

MITCHELL - MAY 7, 2024 - The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission has spent more than it has received the last year according to the annual report.

Photo: The Lehigh TIF District is the primary funding source to the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission and now the only TIF district outside the City of Bedford

According to the annual report the RDC brought in $182,813in Revenues and spent $449,459.29 in expenditures over the last reporting period.

Currently, the balance in the Lawrence County RDC account is at $899,261. 31.

 The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission approved a resolution back in June of 2023 to move forward with a proposed $5.1 Million Shell building to be constructed in the Mitchell Industrial Park.

Photo: A proposed 50,000 sq. foot shell building is being constructed in the Mitchell Industrial Park

The location will be by the intersection of Doc Hamilton Boulevard and Meridian Road in the Mitchell City limits.

Lisa Lee, Ice Miller presented to the Lawrence County RDC during a public hearing prior to the RDC on meeting on the proposed project for a Build, Operate, Transfer Model.

The project has been awarded to GM Development LLC. Corporation and Runnebohm Construction on the project by the Lawrence County RDC.

The Lawrence County RDC is paying the Runnebohm Construction interest payments on the Mitchell Shell building until the building is purchased by a business should they decide to purchase it after three years.

The building itself will be a total of 50,000 square feet metal fronted building on approximately 15 acres.

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission members include President Jeff Quyle, Vice President, Wally Branham, Secretary, Scott Smith, Rex Knight, and Tim Deckard. Only one of the members is an elected official. No one from the City of Mitchell serves on the RDC.

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