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Paid Advertisement: Did your property taxes go up? Is it funny no one caused property taxes to go up just mysteriously went up in Indiana

  • After some property taxes went up for Lawrence County this year, the elected leaders across the state say they did not cause it.

  • What causes property taxes to go up? Spending

  • Your State Legislators through their legislation helped the county budgets to balloon across the state.

  • Lawrence County Council budgets went up with record budgets of $29 million and the $35 million advertised budget is now at $37 million because your four-council former or current council members could not say "NO" that are seeking re-election

  • The concern was to raise the salaries of Republican office holders' salary 26 percent and help increase their PERF retirement without concern for Lawrence Count's Sheriff Deputies, the county council took away and never restored as promised

  • In addition, your local units of government spending went up across the board. With a new county jail on the horizon or major renovation of the existing of a new jail tax will have to be added

  • An ambulance contract will have to be renewed; this will cause taxes to increase in 2026

Pay attention who you vote for!

Paid by the Committe to Elect Bill Andrew Raines Lawrence County Council At - Large

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