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Oolitic Town Council Special Meeting to discuss the resignation of Town Marshal James Harrington

OOLITIC - MAY 7, 2024 - --- Public Notice ---The Oolitic Town Council will meet in a Special Session on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024, in the Town Hall Board Room, 109 Main Street, Oolitic, IN, at 630pm EDT.

Agenda ---

  • Acceptance of the resignation James Harrington

  • Discussion & posting the open Oolitic Marshal's position

Harrington was hired by the town back in 2021 to replace Jon Jefferries following his retirement.

The Oolitic Town Council has authorized Greg Hagan to serve as Oolitic Town Marshal while Marshal Harrington is placed on administrative leave back in January 2024.

Photo: Greg Hagan was hired by the Town of Oolitic in December 2022 and has served as chief deputy marshal

Marshal Hagan was hired and sworn in back in December 2022 and was serving as Chief Deputy Marshal.

James Harrington was placed on administrative leave by the Oolitic Town Council back in January 2024.

In addition, the town council amended the 2024 Salary ordinance to increase the pay for deputy marshals by $2.45 which raised their pay from $18.55 to $22.00. Town Council Jon Broglin says the town has the funds to raise their pay.

The issue of administrative leave comes after Marshal Harrington used his K-9 during traffic stop a couple days ago when the occupants of a vehicle had a previous drug arrests.

Harrington called a town council member to seek permission to use his K-9.

" After consulting a town board member, I was told to use my dog at a traffic stop on January 2, 2024, in the Town of Oolitic," said Town Town Marshal James Harrington.

The town council member told Harrington " We did not tell you stop using the K-9 we just did not support the K-9 program,"

This comes after the town council voted to end the K-9 program back in December 2023.

Photo: Oolitic Town Marshal, Lawrence County Sheriff, Indiana State Police. Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department and IU Lifeline Ambulance respond to Oolitic Town Hall after a Oolitic Town employee battered Marshal James Harrington

Other issues includes when a town council member Jon Broglin showed up at town hall back in October after a town employee battered Harrington. Broglin requested no arrest be made of the town employee. At this time that case is being reviewed by Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel Arp II.

Broglin was not charged with obstruction of justice, according to Harrington in an interview Thursday with the Lawrence County Zephyr.

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May 07

This man deserves everything that comes to him! If he would've had his body cam turned on the night he pulled me over and told me he was going to remove me from my vehicle I would share it. The fact that he made sure it wasn't on and his dash cam was pointed away from the vehicle with him telling Oolitic that he had no interaction with me that night other then running his dog around my car shows how much he doesn't care about safety.. This man not only threatened to pull me out of my vehicle but went on to lift my jacket and my shirt to patt me down after I a female requested a female…

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