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Transitions Seeks Tax Abatement from Lawrence County Council Thursday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 21, 2022 - Lawrence County Council will meet on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Lawrence County Courthouse. One of the items on the agenda include a Tax Abatement proposal for Transitions located in Heltonville, Indiana.

Transitions will seek a tax abatement for their property located in Heltonville which is assessed over $2.9 Million

The assessed property value for the property is estimated over $2.969,8000. The Heltonville School was purchased by Jerry Ford in June 2021 from the North Lawrence Community Schools in the amount of $735,000.

The agenda for the meeting is listed below:

Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approve Minutes

May 24, 2022 Regular Meeting

3. Appointments Salary – Mike Branham

Rodney Fish – Commissioner – Additional

Chad Shew – Community Corrections – Transfer & JUV DOC Grant

Tim Sledd – New Public Defender

Paula Edwards – Health Department – Transfers & Budget

Brandi Webb – Highway Dept. – Additional & Transfers

Transitions – Tax Abatement

4. Items for Consideration

County Attorney

Amend Salary Ordinance

5. Committee Reports

Prosecutor Sam Arp – Department Report

Sheriff Mike Branham – Department Report – Additional – Salary Ordinance


6. Request for Additional Appropriation or Budget Transfer REQUEST

Health Department $1,376.00

Sheriff’s Department $2,195.00

Juvenile Discretionary IDOC Grant $2,459.00

Commissioners $4,796.00

Sign Replacement Grant $26,000.00

Juvenile Community Corrections Fund 1128 $57,226.00

8123 Immunization Grant $96,251.00

Motor Vehicle Highway $96,500.00

Posted this 21st day of June 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

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