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Sheriff Branham Reports Lack of Recreational Space for Inmates

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 30, 2022 - Sheriff Mike Branham reports that preliminary reports from the jail inspection, that the county jail lacks a recreational area.

" A previous inspector reported this was not an issue and now this is an issue with this inspector. We will probable be removing the beds out of the recreational area. The outside area also floods during rains," According to Sheriff Branham.

The current Lawrence County Jail was built in 1990 with construction issues before its opening. A new justice study calls for a $46 Million facility

The recreational area was previously reduced due to jail overcrowding. The full inspection report is not yet available and should be released shortly.

No reports on how Lawrence County officials will address the current issue.

The jail counts at the jail this morning included a total of 110 inmates. This placed the county jail at 61 percent.

An earlier jail study calls for a new jail facility to be constructed on Beech Street in Bedford with a total cost to taxpayers estimated at $46 Million. A committee continues to meet on the proposed project with no other information released to the public on how the county plans to proceed.

There were no cost estimations for the rehabilitation of the current facility. The county has not released any proposed plans on how to finance this major project or a timeline released on how this project will be undertaken.

Total inmate counts:

  • Total Inmates - 110

  • Males - 92

  • Females - 18

  • Level 6 Felons - 4

  • Department of Corrections - 3

  • Parole Holds - 2

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor the developments in this story.


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