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Pleasant Run Township Trustee considers contracting with another fire service

HELTONVILLE - OCTOBER 9, 2023 - The Pleasant Run Township Trustee and Advisory Board have notified the Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department that they are considering a another fire department to take over fire protection services in 2024.

Photo: Pleasant Run Township works a traffic accident on U>S. 50 East , Pleasant Run Township official to consider ending the fire contract after 62 years of service to the Heltonville Community

The township will then consider joining the newly formed Lawrence County Fire Territory by 2025.

The Pleasant Run Township would be the third Lawrence County volunteer fire department to be on the chopping block of the local township trustees.

The Guthrie Township Volunteer Fire Department fire contract was dissolved under former Guthrie Township trustee Robert Awbrey.

Lawrence County's oldest fire department Williams Volunteer Fire Department contract was dissolved by Spice Valley Township Michelle Cornett. This came after that fire department did not have enough volunteers to cover emergency calls.

The Pleasant Run Township has served its community for more than 62 years.

Photo: Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department and Lawrence County Fire Territory responded to a house fire Friday morning

The Pleasant Run Township Fire Department will be having a Open House and Fish Fry on October 28th 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Pleasant Run Township Trustee will have a public meeting on November 2, 2023 7:00 pm at the Heltonville Gym on Indiana State Road 58 to give the public information on the township's position in considering another fire department.

Pleasant Run Township Trustee Michael Nicholson had already previously provided a contract to Marshall Township and Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department when he removed the department from the county 911 dispatch in June 2022.

The fire department was quickly reinstated after a valid contract was still in place and could not be terminated by township officials.

In addition, other fire territories are being considered in Lawrence County which include Marion Township, Bono Township, Spice ValleyTownship South ( Huron) and City of Mitchell to help staff a 24 hour/ 7 day week fire coverage. A study is underway to consider the costs of the new fire territory.

The Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department still exists even though Lawrence County Fire Territory was formed this year. The Lawrence County Fire Territory does not provide station coverage for the fire station in Leesville despite paying more in taxes for fire protection.

Pleasant Run Township Trustee Michael Nicholson has not disclosed whether the Pleasant Run Township officials will also require fire station coverage in Heltonville, and how a new fire contract will provide better fire coverage.

Pleasant Run Township officials also have not disclosed whether the new contract will be with the fire territory in 2024 or Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department.

Indiana State legislatures have allowed both the Shawswick and Lawrence County Fire Territory to exist at the same time and did not require Shawswick Volunteer to dissolve. The budget for the Lawrence County Fire Territory exceeds $859,000


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