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Oolitic Town Council in 3 -1 vote ends Police K-9 Program

OOLITIC - DECEMBER 19, 2023 - Corrections were made to this news story. The Oolitic Town Council voted 3-1 vote to end the Police K-9 program during their meeting Monday night.

Oolitic Town Council members Jon Broglin, Johny "Bob" Dillion and Vice- Brenda Corey voted to end the program. Town Council Steve Kerr voted to keep the program.

The Lawrence County Zephyr obtained the minutes from last night's meeting.

Oolitic Town Council member Johny "Bob" Dillion told council members that it he believes it was time to end the program for the marshal's office citing excessive costs in damages to the vehicle, insurance, and gas expenses.

The K-9 being called out into the county often becoming a financial burden on the town.

Town council member Johny " Bob" Dillion made the motion to end the program immediately effective December 18, 2023.

Council member Steve Kerr reflected on the number of arrests and drugs taken off the streets.

Dillion stated there are several K-9 officers throughout Lawrence County should the town need one.

" Oolitic does not need to spend any more money the town has on thIs program," said Dillion.

Dilliion pointed out that the Town Marshal Harrington is more out of the town responding to calls that are out in the county and residents are tired of it.

" Being a marshal is more than arrests and should be getting to know the residents. I appreciate James Harrington however he has not listened to the council in regards to staying witin the town limits," concluded Dillion.

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Caleb Bay
Caleb Bay
Dec 25, 2023

“The Marshall released his canine partner Deny Joe who alerted him to possible drugs in the vehicle., however police found no drugs in the

vehicle.“ 7-7-22 WBIW

He is a liar with that dog and has a demonstrable pattern of abuse. He betrays the oath he took to the constitution. He should not be certifiable as a law enforcement officer in this state or any other.

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