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Lawrence County RDC Approves Resolution for a $5.1 Million Shell Building in Mitchell, Indiana

MITCHELL - JULY 13, 2023 - The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission approved a resolution to move forward with a proposed $5.1 Million Shell building to be constructed in the Mitchell Industrial Park.

Photo: A proposed 50,000 sq. foot shell building will be constructed in the Mitchell Industrial Park

The location will be by the intersection of Doc Hamilton Boulevard and Merdian Road in Mitchell City limits.

Lisa Lee, Ice Miller presented to the Lawrence County RDC during a public hearing prior to the RDC on meeting on the proposed project for a Build, Operate, Transfer Model.

The project has been awarded to GM Development LLC. Corporation and Runnebohm Construction on the project by the Lawrence County RDC.

The financing for the project has not yet been determined.

The building itself will be a total of 50,000 square feet metal fronted building on approximately 15 acres.

" I think going with the metal structure vs, concrete matches better with the industrial park where we are going to put it," said Wally Branham Lawrence County RDC member.

The building will have four docks, as well as an overhead door. The parcel of land the City of Mitchell will turn over to the RDC will allow the building to expand up to 200,000 sq. feet if expansion of a business is needed.

During the RDC meeting an amendment approved by the RDC to have a deed and contract to build the building approved by August 31st.

The Lawrence County RDC approved the latest amendment and now is waiting on the City of Mitchell to be able to complete the deed transfer over to the Lawrence County RDC.

Chris King, Vice-President, Runnebohm presented to the RDC the renderings of the proposed shell building.

The cost of the project included pricing for unsuitable soils should they be located and their removal.

There will be about 8-10 parking spaces on up to the building, with the user of the building providing an additional parking space as needed. The only utility added to the building will be electric.

Question over stormwater, and erosion was addressed during the meeting, with enough room in the area to address those concerns, or to add retention ponds if needed.

  • Next few months the design and permitting of the project is set to begin

  • Six-month time on building orders

  • Foundation work will begin first of next year February and March 2024

  • Building construction will begin following the foundation work

  • Summer of next year the building should be completed

The project will bring more economic development to the area, and might expand future business into the industrial park.


Grand opening Saturday at 10:00 am with the ribbon cutting starting at 11:00 am

Come and see us at the Lawrence County 4-H Fair with three days remaining

Come and see us at the Lawrence County 4-H Fair only three days remain

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