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Lawrence County Election Board certifies election results with only one correction

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 20, 2023 - The Lawrence County Election board certified the this years muncipal election results with only one vote added for Democrat Mitchell Mayoral candidate Eugene" Pud" Terrell.

Photo: One more vote was added for Mitchell Democrat Candidate Eugene "Pud" Terrell in this mornings Lawrence County Election Board meeting.

A provsional ballot was counted in favor of Eugene "Pud" Terrell during the meeting this morning. The final results include:

Republican - Don Caudell - 398

Democrat - Eugene "Pud" Terrell - 191

What is a provisional ballot?

  • There are several situations in which you may be required to cast a provisional ballot as a voter:

  1. You lack the requisite photo identification.

  2. Your name appears on the poll list, but you have been challenged as not eligible to vote at the precinct for some other reason sworn to in writing by the person who challenges your eligibility to vote.

  3. An order has been issued by a court extending the hours that the polls must remain open.

  • A provisional ballot allows you to cast a vote if:

  1. There is a question about your qualification to vote in the precinct (for example, you are not on the poll book), which is not resolved by a fail-safe procedure and you believe you are qualified to vote in the precinct; or

  2. You have been challenged as not qualified to vote in your precinct (for example, you did not have photo identification).

  • A person may not challenge the right of an individual to vote at an election in the precinct solely on the basis of the individual’s:

  1. Enrollment in an educational institution; or

  2. Being adjudged mentally ill and committed to an institution; or

  3. Registration to vote at an address that is housing provided for students by the educational institution.

  4. Actual or perceived affiliation with a political party; or

  5. Support or opposition to a candidate or the adoption of a public question.

  • Your provisional ballot will be kept separate from the other ballots cast in that precinct. After Election Day, the county election board will decide whether you were qualified to vote in that precinct and whether your ballot should be counted. Voters CANNOT cast a provisional ballot on a direct record electronic voting system; a provisional ballot must be cast on a traditional hand-counted paper ballot or an optical scan ballot card, which is then secured in a PRE-4/PRO-2 envelope for the county election board to review at a provisional ballot hearing.

  • If you cast a provisional ballot, you have until noon, ten (10) days after the election to follow up with the county election board and either provide the necessary documentation or complete an affidavit available in the clerk’s office to affirm one of the photo ID law’s exemptions applies to you.

  • You will be able to contact your county election board after Election Day to find out whether your ballot was counted, and if it was not counted, why not. This information can also be found on the voter’s portal page after logging in to, if you are a registered voter of the county where you cast your provisional ballot.

How do you cast a provisional ballot?

Generally, the same rules and procedures that apply to casting a traditional paper ballot apply to casting a provisional ballot, but there are some special procedures that are similar to casting an absentee ballot:

  1. You must mark the provisional ballot privately, unless you are entitled to assistance and request it.

  2. You enclose the provisional ballot inside a provisional ballot secrecy envelope provided for this purpose (Form PRO-2) and seal the envelope.

  3. You return the sealed envelope, with the ballot inside, to the inspector.

  4. It is important for both the voter and the challenger to complete both sides of the provisional ballot envelope (PRE-4 FORM, PRO-2 FORM). This information is used by the county election board to determine whether or not your vote will count. Inaccurate or missing information may prevent a properly cast ballot from being counted.

There were no major issues at the poll sites as he low key election, with most of the contsted races in the City of Mitchell.

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