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Lawrence County Commissioner Extend COVID Policy for County Employees

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (January 18, 2022) - The Lawrence County Commissioners extended the COVID policy for county employees. There were no changes to the existing policy other than the testing must be performed by a qualified health professional. Home testing is not accepted.

In other business:

  • Myron Rainey was given permission for US Imaging to be in the courthouse after hours as they move deeds into a digital format. The cost of transferring just the deeds is $300,000.

  • Lawrence County Prosecutor request for two contracts child support services were approved. One contract was for two years at $152 month, and the second a five-year contract for $175 month.

David Holmes advised highway crews doing patching, ditching and cutting brush along the roadways. Bridge 150 bids will be let in July, Bridge 172 on Slaughterhouse was updated, and Commissioners approved CLR for work on bridge 138 for rehab work on East Oolitic Road.

  • Emergency Management Director Valarie Luchauer reports that a Hazard Mitigation class was completed with 26 people who took part. She could not attend Tuesday's meeting.

  • Mike Branham gave the jail report with a total of 147 inmates, which include 118 males, 29 females, 1 - Level -6, and 16 Department of Corrections Inmates. Branham also told the commissioners that the replacement dryer has finally arrived after being ordered in July of last year. In addition, he stated the kitchen is needing a couple stoves, a steam table, and other needs in the kitchen. He is working on getting bids for the needed equipment.

  • The Sheriff also reports that the department continues to transition 911 budgets and supervision of the 911 dispatchers to the 911 Coordinator which is Valarie Luchauer.

Today was David Holmes last meeting as Highway Superintendent the commissioners thanked him for 13 years of service.


The Lawrence County Commissioners approved the following appointments during Tuesday's meeting.

  • County Attorney - David Smith

  • Human Resources - Brian Skillman

  • Highway Superintendent - David Holmes

  • Highway Foremen -

  • District 1 - Troy Fountain

  • District 2 - Fred Stout

  • District 3 - Richard Henderson

  • Cum Bridge - John Stewart

  • Garage Supervisor - Robert Woods

  • Highway bookkeeper - Brandi Webb

  • Weights and Measures - John Cobb

  • Emergency Management - Valarie Luchauer

  • Veterans Office - Brad Bough

  • Plaza Security - Gregg Taylor

  • ABC Board - Larry Chenault

  • 4-H Board - Dustin Gabhart

  • Southern Indiana Development Commission - Rodney Fish, Bill Spreen, Wally Branham

  • Community Child Protection Team - Rob Herr

  • Lawrence County Economic Growth Council & Economic Development - Wally Branham

  • Boys & Girls Club - Rodney Fish

  • Lawrence County Board of Health officer - Alan Smith

  • Region 8 Workforce Board - Dustin Gabhart

  • Tourism Commission - Wally Branham, Sam Carnell, Larry Root

  • Redevelopment Commission - Scott Smith, Tim Deckard, Wally Branham, Rex Knight, Jeff Quyle

  • Airport Board - Chris Woods, Vaccancy to be filled by Michael Robbins

  • Insurance Committee - Rodney Fish, Lawrence County Commissioners, Scott Smith Lawrence County Council, Brian Skillman, Human Relations, Jessica Staggs, Auditor, and Jody Edwards, Treasurer

  • Health Board - John Sherill

  • Judicial Review - Dustin Gabhart

  • Courthouse Security - Dustin Gabhart

  • Bedford Public Library - Amanda May

  • Mitchell Public Library - Vicky Sclegal

  • White River Military Coordination Alliance - Rodney Fish

  • Forensic Center appointment - Elzabath Freeman

  • Economic Development - Wally Branham

At the conclusion of the meeting Rodney Fish made a statement the commissioners are following the developments with the guidance on the American Rescue Plan and will continue to update the public.

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