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Forensic Pathologist testifies about autopsy findings

LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 1, 2024 - In the third day of the jury trial of Cheyenne Hill the prosecution rested their case Thursday afternoon.

Cheyenne Hill

Defense attorney Bob Hamilton is expected to start presenting Hill's defense to the jurors on Friday morning. The jury is then expected to start deliberation sometime Friday afternoon, if there are no unexpected delays in the trial.

Most of morning of today's trial centered on the stipulated polygraph of Cheyenne Hill administered by Indiana State Police Polygraph Examiner Sgt. Jason Sample.

In Indiana, the courts allow stipulated polygraph evidence. Polygraph tests have a 90-94 percent accuracy rate according to some studies.

The polygraph must be stipulated in order to be allowed.

Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer, ruled that the testimony by Sgt. Sample will be allowed.

 This is despite Judge Plummer's concerns about the reliability in this Level-1 Felony case.

" We must follow the law, and in this case we will follow the law," in his conclusion to allow the testimony.

On December 7, 2022 Cheyenne Hill submitted to the polygraph examination with three relative questions.

  1. Did you physically injure that girl's head? ( Answer: No)

  2. Are you the person who physically injured that girls head? ( Answer : No)

  3. Do you know for sure who physically injured that girls head? ( Answer: No)

Sgt. Sample in his testimony concluded that Cheyenne was not truthful and that results of her polygraph was "Deception"

In the post polygraph interview, Cheyenne Hill told Sgt. Sample she feels like she did not pass the test because she feels like she failed Ellie. Cheyenne again referred to Ellie as being Jeffery Dahmer. Cheyenne then laughed and said " Ellie is an asshole,"

The jurors reviewed the autopsy report, Thursday afternoon with the examination performed by Dr. Amanda Paul on November 29, 2022.

Her examination revealed Ellie was malnourished, fracture to clavicle, multiple head injuries. Dr. Paul concluded Ellie's death was the result of homicide with the cause of death by blunt force trauma.

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