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Dinner at Williams Covered Bridge Event sold out crowd Saturday evening

WILLIAMS - SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 - The dinner on the Williams Covered Bridge sold out to over 175 guests on Saturday evening.

The event is held in September of every year in which many people are disappointed not being to get their tickets on time. Tickets for the event sell rapidly.

Photo: The Williams Covered bridge was built in 1884

" We were still getting calls today for this event. This was a perfect day, and the weather cooperated with us. Be sure to mark your calendars as the event is held on the second Saturday in September," said Tonya Chastain, Lawrence County Tourism Director.

This years, guest speaker was Brandt Baughman, Deputy Director of Operations Indiana Department of Natural Resources who highlighted some of the projects underway at Spring Mill State Park and the Lawrence County residents who are major players in the IDNR.

His speech will be highlighted in another feature on Saturday's event.

The bridge itself 139 years old, being built in 1884, which cost $18,000 at the time. Tillman Williams, mortgaged his farm and lost it according to county records.

Photo: Golden Corral catered this year's event

The bridge itself have withstood, the ages of time and being preserved as a historical landmark.

People from all over in Indiana and beyond come to see this covered bridge.

On Saturday, while preparations were underway way, people from Frankfort and Shepherdsville Kentucky, West VirgiVirginia, and Illinois came just to see the bridge.

Those people just stopping by and wanted to see what the bridge was all about.

Lawrence County Commissioner Wally Branham and Lawrence County Tourism Vice- President Larry Root providing their golf carts to help attendees from their vehicles to the bridge.

Photo: Lawrence County Commissioner and Lawrence County Tourism board member goes to pick up attendee at the dinner at the Williams Covered Bridge Saturday

The Williams Covered Bridge makes a wonderful place for residents to enjoy.


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