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Commissioners Memorial Day Event approved on Lawrence County Courthouse Square May 27th this year

LAWRENCE COUNTY - APRIL 23, 2024 - The Lawrence County Commissioners approved Lawrence County Veterans Officer Brad Bough's request to use the Lawrence County Courthouse Square for the annual Memorial Day event this year.

Photo: Last Memorial Day event at the Lawrence County Courthouse

The event honors the veterans who have passed. This year's event will be held on May 27th at 9:00 am.

Each year a flag is placed at each veterans grave in the county. Sometimes a veteran grave is accidently missed as volunteers try and locate the graves.

If this happens a family can go to the American Legion Post 33 on X Street or the Lawrence County Veterans Office at the bottom of the courthouse and a flag will be given to the family member.

If a veteran has died before Memorial Day weekend, go to the Veterans Office so the veteran does not have to wait until the next to receive a flag.

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Free-Holines Church 11122 Indiana State Road 54 Cincinnati, Indiana

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Thanks Brad for all you do for the Veterans and families

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