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Bloomington Fire Department 2022 Awards Ceremony Honors 55 Firefighters

Front Row, L-R: Mayor John Hamilton, James Brown, Robert Morgan, Jordan Saucier, and Deputy Mayor Don Griffin

Back Row, L-R: Phillip Parke, Brett Rorem, Daniel O'Neal, Devin Owens, Sean Manning, and Chief Jason Moore

BLOOMINGTON - MAY 25, 2022 - The Bloomington Fire Department (BFD) recognized 55 firefighters for exceptional service to the community during 2021. The annual event is routinely conducted on the anniversary date of BFD becoming a professional fire department on February 17, 1900. This year, however, the event was delayed due to COVID. The presentation occurred at 4 p.m. on May 20, 2022, at the Switchyard Park Pavilion. “These past two years have sometimes left our community wondering what could happen next. Amidst this uncertainty, we have been consistently able to count on the Bloomington Fire Department, an organization of dedicated employees who bring a high level of professionalism and selfless dedication to their work,” said Mayor John Hamilton. “Public safety is at the heart of a community and both a responsibility and a priority of government. We thank all the members of the Bloomington Fire Department and highlight the 55 honored for exceptional service in 2021.” “Our department faced significant challenges in 2021; in addition to continuing efforts relating to the global pandemic we also mitigated a major flood event, and handled an unprecedented increase in our annual call volume,” said Fire Chief Jason Moore. “Despite challenges, our firefighters continue to showcase their commitment to the community and dedication to helping others. They are an exceptional resource to a community BFD is honored to serve. As both the Fire Chief and a member of the Bloomington community, I am proud of our firefighters, especially those recognized at this year’s awards ceremony.” The presentation showcases BFD firefighters recognized for the following awards:

  • Bernard Glover Firefighter of the Year

    • Luke Murphy

  • Mark Webb Fire Officer of the Year

    • Stacey Mitchell

  • Robert "Bob" Loviscek Service Award

    • Jeremy Goad

  • Indiana State Fire Marshal - Meritorious Service Medal

    • Jayme Washel

  • Company Citation - Flood Response

    • Aaron Butcher

    • Austin Brown

    • Bart Epler

    • Bill Fleetwood

    • Bob Loviscek

    • Brandon Hudson

    • Brett Rorem

    • Bryan Hutchinson

    • Craig Quimby

    • Devin Owens

    • Gabriel Morran

    • Garrett Greathouse

    • Gerald Sturgeon

    • Greg Lucas

    • James Teague

    • Jamie Hodges

    • Jared Fritz

    • Jason Moore

    • Jason Waterford

    • Jeff Hacker

    • Jeremiah Tracey

    • Jim Johnson

    • Jordan Canada

    • Jordan Saucier

    • Josh Tapp

    • Joshua Blackwell

    • Justin Webb

    • Kenneth Hinkle

    • Kody Waggoner

    • Luke Murphy

    • Ray Cazee

    • Robert McWhorter

    • Robert Morgan Jr

    • Roger Kerr

    • Russ Anderson

    • Scott McKnight

    • Sean Manning

    • Seth Staggs

    • Skyler Pittman

    • Stan Pfeiffer

    • Stephen Weaver

    • Zach Brinson

  • Fire Chief Recognition - Respiratory Distress Call

    • Joe Radanovich

    • Jordan Reeves

    • Ethan Perry

  • Veteran Service Award - Honorable retirement after 20+ years of service

    • Brent Stanton - 33 Years of Service

    • Dan Piercy - 20 Years of Service

    • Jeremy Goad - 20 Years of Service

    • Randy Arthur - 31 Years of Service

    • Dane Young - 26 Years of Service

    • Gerald Sturgeon - Pending Retirement July 4, 2022 - 35 Years of Service

  • Fire Chief Recognition - Cleanup and Recovery from Flood

    • Bob Loviscek

    • Max Litwin

    • Jayme Washel

    • Travis Drescher

    • Kyle Koons

    • Luke Murphy

    • Kody Waggoner

    • Scott Milne

    • Devin Owens


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