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OPINION: Orange County Resident Do Not Need or Want Mid-States Corridor

I am writing in regard to the proposed Mid-States Corridor. The vast majority of the area residents are opposed to the corridor. It is neither needed nor wanted. Improving the existing highways will better serve ALL The residents of the area.

We are blessed to live in America where we are free to choose where we want to live. Free to raise our children here in Orange County with a calmer lifestyle, clean air and water, low crime and abundance of recreational activities. We are in the Middle of Mother Nature's classroom. We value our unique geological formations and karst features here in Orangeville and surrounding areas that are found nowhere else. The mysterious underground Lost River is home to a rare blind fish. These and the Hoosier National Forest as well as acres of prime farmland would be devasted by the " O" route and terminal damage would occur. The "O" route will destroy our way of life and would harm many people, business and animals.

Improvements to existing roads and on HWY 231 in Dubois County would resolve any need for a new highway. Governor Holcomb announced a commitment of $75 Million for safety and access improvements to HWY 231 in Dubois County.

The added benefit to this approach is that there will be no need to build through homes, churches, forest, farmlands, wetlands, and our geological features. Well over a million dollars have been spent on studies-much of it from taxpayers. The public has very little input in the project which is spear headed by some local business owners and politicians. It can only end by electing politicians who are willing to listen to their constituents. Please call, write, email our State Senators and Representatives and help us preserve our beautiful landscape and way of life for future generations.

Linda Scarlett

Orangeville, IN

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