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Mitchell Mayor encourages city residents work together and his office is always open

Updated: Jan 12

MITCHELL - JANUARY 11, 2024 - New Mitchell Mayor Don Caudell presided over his first city council meeting Monday night with opening the meeting with a few remarks.

Photo: Mitchell Mayor Don Caudell make opening remarks Monday night

Mayor Caudell started off by thanking former Mayor Nathan Jenkins whose term ended December. 31 ,2023 for helping with the transition. Former Mayor Jenkins who is facing serious health issues made it to city hall to take care of the city's business.

Photo: Mitchell City Council first meeting of 2024

Mayor Caudell went on to thank Susi Mann Mitchell Clerk- Treasurer who took care of the Clerk-Treasurer business following the resignation of Mark Bryant.

The audit completed by the Indiana State Board of Accounts was a prolonged process with both the resignation of Mitchell Mayor J.D. England and Clerk-Treasruer Mark Bryant.

" We are starting off the new year with the books in perfect order," said Mayor Caudell.

Mayor Caudell welcomed Vicki Schlegel who moved from city council to her elected position of Mitchell Clerk- Treasurer.

" She already has me on a budget, I only get one roll of toilet paper," with the crowd laughing at his comments. However, on a serious note Mayor Caudell stated the Clerk Treasurer Office is off to a good start. " She got budget outlines for the city departments, and we are going to work well together," added Caudell.

Photo: Dan Terrell former Mayor begins his term on Mitchell City Council

He went on to thank the city employees and their dedication to the city.

" I just got a new driver license and you got to list your race, and skin color, but right now I feel green. I am a rookie at this. I would like you to be patient with me. I will do the best I can for the city but give me time to learn the ropes. But we will get through this thing together, Caudell explained.

Photo: Chris Carlisle begins his term on Mitchell City Council

Caudell told the residents city hall is open to them and his office. " Do not wait for a city council meeting if you have an issue, come down to my office or set an appointment with my Secretary Lori Hall,"

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