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Lawrence County Commissioners Vote on Changes County Council District for Marion 5C

MITCHELL - (December 7, 2021) - Lawrence County Commissioners voted to approve a ordinance to move Marion Township 5C into County Council district 2. The redistricting is based on population changes which affected 349 residents.

There is a total of four county districts and three county commissioner districts in Lawrence County.

The commissioner districts which are not based on population changes will remain the same.

In other business:

* Miles Parker from Parker Group attended the meeting on Insurance renewal for Workman's Compensation, and Property Damage/Liability Insurance for the county which there was a 5 percent reduction in costs to the county.

* Kim Burgess was appointed to the Community Corrections Advisory Board

* David Holmes Lawrence County Highway Supt. told commissioners tat highways crews are cutting brush and doing culvert work. Right of way for bridge 150 is still taking place, bids will be let on Bridge 138 (East Oolitic Bridge will be let in January)

* Gregg Taylor gave the jail report

- 164 Total Inmates

- 135 - Males

- 25 - Females

- 13 - Department of Corrections

- 0 - Paroles

- 1 - Level 6 Felony

* Dustin Gabbart was appointed to the Lawrence County Fairground preservation board.

* Rodney Fish stated the commissioners attended the annual commissioners meeting in Indianapolis.

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