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Editorial: Time for a conversation for Lawrence County teens about drugs and underage drinking

Editorial: The time is now for a conversation about drugs and underage drinking.

This weekend Lawrence County youth are mourning the loss of a very young person that was taken way to soon. Many associated with and knew all involved.

Grieving has begun and mourning will really never end. But, take this moment to have a conversation about this and how to deal with the situation of youth taking part in adult beverages.

Earlier this year as editor of the Lawrence County Zephyr I was personally confronted head on with this same issue.

On the third meet of a local truck group at their meeting place on Bundy Lane I was there to take photos of the teens and young people burning rubber.

Not to long after arriving I found teens carrying their beer in cup holders and within minutes, I left knowing that anything could have happen.

Bedford Police made an arrests at Long John Silvers later that evening.

There will always be underage drinking and many adults have allowed this trend to continue but both teens and adults must realize sometimes bad things happen.

The conversation needs to be now and not later.

Lawrence County has a huge problem that needs attention.

This story earlier this year is listed below:

MAY 30, 2023 - Lawrence County Zephyr has supported the local truck meet held at Smokin Jim's BBQ parking lot on at least three occasions. However, following the arrest of three juveniles over the weekend coming from the truck event, that support has been withdrawn.

Lawrence County Zephyr has stated on numerous occasions that as long as the event stays alcohol and drug free the local media website will support the Lawrence County event.

The organizers of these events must ensure that no underage drinking or drug use occurs

A 16-year-old female, and 17-year-old male Ellettsville, and 18-year-old, Spencer were detained by Bedford Police Department.

Jesse Knight, 18, Spencer was taken to the Lawrence County jail and the two remaining teens was issued summons, and released to their parents.

The safety of the public and attendees are important, and drugs and alcohol are not a very good combination at these events.

The organizers did not do a very good job of making sure the events remain safe for the public and those who attend.

Due to the basis of these facts the Lawrence County Zephyr withdraws its support of the truck meet.

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