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Dreams' Come True for Mitchell Graduate and new Football Coach

MITCHELL - APRIL 10, 2024 - During last night's Mitchell School board meeting approved the hiring of 2016 Mitchell High School graduate Zach See.

This moment was a dream which came true for the inspiring man.

Photo: Zach See named the Mitchell High School Football Coach Tuesday night

See was no stranger to Mitchell High School Athletics as he has played Baseball, Basketball, and Football at Mitchell High School all four years.

" This has been my dream, I did not know when it was going to be, but I always wanted this,"

See graduated from IUPUI with a Batchelor degree in Sports Management, and Business certificate from Kelly School of Business.

"Success for the Mitchell High School Football Team is going to measured by growth. We are young still and came off a couple seasons we did not want to have. I think the boys, the players are hungry, and I believe they just want to get better. We will grow together,"

See would like to see his players become successful after their high school career is finished not just in sports but in their education.

" There is life after sports, your a student before an athlete and that is what I live by," added Coach See.

" One thing I learned from Coach Chaney is we want to raise boys to become men we can be proud of,"

Lawrence County Zephyr asked Coach See for someone who is dreaming right now in high school what would you say to encourage their dream? Which Coach See replied " Do not think anything is impossible, whatever you set your mind to, You Can Do it! At one time I thought this was impossible but here I am with my dream," concluded Coach See.

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