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Breaking news: Cheyenne Hill Sentenced to 30 - Years for death of her child Elliunna Plummer

LAWRENCE COUNTY - APRIL 23, 2024 - Cheyenne Hill, 33 of Bedford, has been sentenced to 30- years in the death of her daughter Elliunna Plummer 20 Months who died on November 26,2022 at 4:26 pm at IU Riley Children Hospital Indianapolis, Indiana by Lawrence County Superior Court Judge John Plummer III.

The Defense attorney Bob Hamilton requested the court to allow Hill to wear dress clothes for today's sentencing hearing which was denied by Judge Plummer.

The Lawrence County Zephyr did not attend this morning's hearing.

Original story : LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 2, 2024 - A jury has found Cheyenne Hill, 33 Bedford guilty of Neglect of a Dependent resulting in death beyond a reasonable doubt in the death of 20-month Elliunna Plummer.

Elliunna Plummer 20 Months died on November 26,2022 at 4:26 pm at IU Riley Children Hospital Indianapolis, Indiana

The jury deliberated about one hour and half going into jury room at 3:00 pm and just before 4:30 pm was able to reach a verdict in this case.

As Judge John Plummer III read the verdict Cheyenne Hill looked on and did not react with any emotion when the verdict was read aloud.

Several deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department was ready to take Hill into custody and took her back to the Lawrence County Jail to wait for sentencing later this month.

Deputy Prosecutor Joshua Scherschel made the following statement to the news media following the verdict: " We appreciate the hard work of the jury and the dedication put in over this last week. We thank the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, IU Bedford and IU Riley for their good work taking care of Elli in her last days. We respect the verdict of the jury and their hard work over the last week,"

Both Deputy Prosecutor Joshua Scherschel and Deputy Prosecutor Sarah Cummings represented the State of Indiana presenting more than 51 Exhibits during the trial and Defense Attorney Bob Hamilton representing Cheyenne Hill.

Defense attorney Bob Hamilton did not wish to make a comment to the Lawrence County Zephyr following the verdict.

Photo: A jury found Cheyenne Hill guilty of Neglect of a Dependent resulting in death

Hill will return to the Lawrence County Superior Court I on February 26, 2024 at 1:00 pm for her sentencing.

Child Neglect is a Level 1 felony if it consists of endangerment, abandonment, cruel confinement, or deprivation of necessary support by a person at least 18 years of age and: it results in the death or catastrophic injury of a dependent who is less than 14 years of age; or it results in the death or catastrophic injury of a dependent of any age who has a mental or physical disability.

A Level 1 felony carries a maximum penalty of 50 years in prison and a $10,000.

" We did not know beyond a reasonable doubt, who did the physical act that killed Elli Plummer,"

In this criminal charge there were five elements that the State of Indiana had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. In the end the case ended up with two of the elements that the State of Indiana had the jury bring their attention to.

Placed Ellie in a situation that endangered her life/health, and knowingly.

The jury rejected Defense attorney Bob Hamilton's plea that the State of Indiana went after the wrong person, that Cheyenne was on trial said terrible things about her child, and that due to Cheyenne's rough upbringing she did not have the tools on how to behave. That the victim in this case was Cheyenne herself.

In the end, the jury was able to give a voice for Elliunna Plummer and now Cheyenne Hill's fate is in the hands of Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III.

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Apr 23

Death penalty should have been in play

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