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Tractor Parade treks through Lawrence County on Saturday

FAYETTEVILLE - AUGUST 20, 2023 - On Saturday, it was a parade of different sorts, but nevertheless a sight to see. The Fayetteville Lions Club held their annual tractor drive through the rolling hills of Lawrence County.

Photo: Taking a break at Popcorn Christian Church in northern Lawrence County

" This is just a small fundraiser we have for the Fayetteville Lions Club. We accept a few donations and then take a ride through the Lawrence County country side making a day of it, " said Duane Terry organizer of the event.

Video: Tractors arrive at the Popcorn Christian Church on Saturday see more video and pictures on the Lawrence County Zephyr page.

This year's tractor ride brought all kinds of tractors, types, sizes, ages and motors to reminisce about the past and the present.

The sea of red, green, and gray was a sight for those who came across these men and women, yes they were some ladies in the group who came to enjoy the August beauty and the smell of freshly cut hay as they passed by.

There is no sound like hearing the sound of the "put put, put " of a John Deere tractor but you International, Massey Ferguson and Ford tractor lovers will have to forgive me. " I grew up with the sound of a John Deere 420.

The parade of tractors brought entries from Bedford, Bloomington, Freetown, Martinsville, Mitchell, Pekin, and Salem.

Ollie Dean, Salem rode, in the seat next to her dad on Saturday's ride.

The group began their journey at the Fayetteville Lions Park in Eureka, then made their to their first stop at the Popcorn Christian Church and stood and talked for a brief period of time before making their way to the Harrodsburg Community Center, and a third stop at the Needmore Elementary School; before finally arriving back at their starting place.

Photo: Friendships and fellowships are a great experience during the tractor drive

The Fayetteville Lions Club offers youth sports, playground, and barn rental not to mention other community programs. If anyone wants to become a part of a active organization then reach out by contacting them at 812-279-3133.

Tractor lovers stay tuned on Saturday October 7,2023 a tractor show and pull will be held in Springville to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the Springville Park that was established in 2004.

Video: Springville Tractor Show/Pulls with Craft /Merchandise Vendors welcome

Craft Vendors, and merchandise vendors of variety is welcome. The cost is $25 for 10X 10 space. Money is due day of set-up which is 8:00 am and hours for the vending can be up to

More details will be coming to the Lawrence County Zephyr.


Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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