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Stonegate Arts & Education Utilized More in 2022

BEDFORD - JANUARY 20, 2023 - The Stonegate Arts & Education Center is being utilized more in 2022 according to Director Linda Henderson.

" We are planning on expanding sponsorships in the coming year, to help with our sustainability." said Henderson.

The Academic Programing includes Ivy Tech which will beginning Emergency Medical Technician class, Logic and trainings for local and regional employers.

Henderson reports that Okland City University will be closed all of its satellite offices in December 2022. Vincennes University will be offering a Clinical Medical Assistants Course starting on January 30th.

Henderson is pleased to announce that Wagler Training Center is a new workforce development partner expanding the construction trades. One thing that have been learned is that those seeking their Apprenticeship in construction trades is some students needing help with the mathematics portion of the testing. Stonegate will be offering a remedial math class to help those students.

During the Bedford City Council meeting on Tuesday Stonegate Budget update was presented.

Stonegate began 2022 with $249,340.74 in the bank and at the end of the year $221,546.21.

The Bedford City Council was pleased that the facility was being used more, especially on the weekends.

Kids Camp will be expanding this year as well as an emphasis in Cultural and Arts expansion at Stonegate. A Cultural Crawl event will be held in July.


  • City of Bedford - $50,000

  • Ivy Tech - $54,000

  • United Way - $7,500

  • Vincennes University - $7,096

  • Lawrence County Economic Growth Council - $18,000


  • Lawrence County Community Foundation - $1,400

  • Duke Energy - $2,000

  • Donation - $ 5.00

  • Rental Income - $8,500

Total Revenue - $148,656

Expenses in 2022 totaled - $185,871.56 with an operating loss of $37,214.76.

  • Actual Revenue - $148,656.80

  • The budget for revenue was $177,000 the budget was revised due to changes in grant eligibility.

  • Rental revenue was budgeted at $25,000 but only received $8,655.

  • An outstanding invoice of $13,000 means they would have collected $21,655 in rental income. This compares to $14,110 in rental income received in 2021.

  • Expenses was budgeted at $188,352 and expenses totaled $188,012.90.

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