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Springville Community Academy Announces New Charter Authorizer - USI

SPRINGVILLE - JUNE 24, 2022 - SPRINGVILLE, INDIANA, June 24 - Springville Community Academy (SCA), a new public charter school located in Springville, announced today that it has switched to the University of Southern Indiana (USI) as their charter authorizer partner.

The charter from USI will be seven years in length and allows an expansion of the

grades that the school can accept in the upcoming school year. The seven-year approval through the 2028 – 2029 school year ensures an appropriate time frame to evaluate success with SCA also being the first physical charter school authorized by USI. SCA will now offer in-person instruction for Grades 7 and 8 in a traditional classroom environment.

“Our community has been persistent in wanting a K-8 school established at Springville,” said Albert Cross, board President for the Academy. “This partnership with USI empowers our school to meet local needs while expanding our curriculum and offering additional educational opportunities to our families and students.

This will be the first 7th and 8th Grades at Springville since the 1968-1969 school year. USI’s programs are a natural fit with the Springville community and their position as a premier higher education provider in our corner of the state bodes well for our future success.”

SCA will continue to develop its relationship with the Indiana Agriculture & Technology School (IATS) and the two schools plan to partner in developing several programs. IATS is a public, tuition free, hybrid charter school servicing grades 7-12 and will continue to be available to area students. As a hybrid school, the IATS Core curriculum is driven by an online platform, while career focused classes utilize in-person learning. In this innovative and dynamic learning environment, students work towards the Indiana Core 40 diploma, while being introduced to exciting opportunities post-graduation, said Keith Marsh, Executive Director.

Keith will also serve as the liaison and charter coordinator between USI and Springville Community Academy.

Students who have previously expressed interest in Grades 7 and 8 at Springville simply need to confirm their enrollment with the school. Students who have already registered with IATS may continue with that program’s virtual hybrid instruction or can also switch over to the in-person education offered at SCA.

New students who are interested in enrolling should do so from the link on the SCA website under the Forms tab.

For more information and/or how you can enroll, please go to our website at

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