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Saturday Thunderstorm Cause Minor Damage and Power Outages

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 16, 2022 - Thunderstorms that went through Lawrence County on Saturday afternoon causing minor damage.

The storm bringing damaging winds and hail to the area.

A tree falls on a home in Williams Saturday afternoon

In Williams a tree fell on a house, there were also numerous power outages reported in the area as the storm passed.

In Bedford, a powerline was the culprit of the road being closed for several minutes along State Road 37 at the on-ramp on the Bedford's southside.

A Bedford Police Car blocks the roadway to State Road 37 On Ramp

Most of the debris and issues were reported on the south side of Bedford, with limbs making its way onto city streets.

As of Monday morning, there were only one power outage reported in the Bedford area, by Duke Energy.

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