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Pleasant Run Township Trustee resigns but will remain on Advisory Board

HELTONVILLE - APRIL 2, 2025 - Pleasant Run Township Trustee Michael Nicolson has resigned but will remain on the township advisory board.

Nicolson has been elected to that position since 2007.

A advisory board member has taken his place, however the township residents has not been notified who that person is.

Photo: Pleasant Run Advosory Board members talk with Shawswick Township Trustee Millard Jones about joining the Lawrence County Fire Territory last year

Nicolson will remain on the township advisory board by agreement with the advisory board.

Normally, when a township trustee resigns the public is notified in advance and then a caucus is held by the Chairman of the Lawrence County Republican Party to appoint the replacement.

The Precinct Committee member Republican Patty Ford normally will determine who the township trustee is, but only after a vacancy is reported and the public is notified.

This is so an interested person(s) are notified of the vacancy and persons can file for the open position.

Ford's husband Paul Ford currently serves on the advisory board , as well as her grandson James.

Pleasant Run Township officials did not follow the Indiana State Law or provide open and transperancy in conducting township business by this arrangement.

Lawrence County Party Chairman Heath Hawkins has not provided the public any information in regards to this matter at this time.

Photo: Several Heltonville residents show support for the Pleasant Run Township VFD after township officials considered joining the Lawrence County Fire Territory. This would have increased the tax rate for the township without staffing a fire station in Heltonville

Below is Michael Nicolson's announcement of his resignation.

"I want to start by telling the people of Pleasant Run Township, we have come so far since I was first elected as Trustee in 2007. We have worked together at many levels to better our Township.

We have worked together to increase funding for our Fire Protection, to provide better Firefighting equipment, better fire trucks and better protection for our Firefighters.

We worked together to increase funding for our Poor Relief Assistance enabling us to help more people in need, in our community. We have also worked together to increase funding for our abandoned cemeteries and to get increased interest in providing more frequent maintenance of those cemeteries.

However alot has changed in my family's life, Church and Catering in the past few years, requiring much more of my time and Efforts towards those things.

I have spent a lot of time in prayer considering what could be done and the Trustee position requires more time than I will be able to give at this time, with that being said I submitted my resignation as Trustee to the county to which they will appoint someone to the Trustee position.

So One of the Board members has agreed to step up take the Trustee position, and I was asked if I could take the board member position to finish this term, and I agreed to do that. So I will be serving as a board member for the remaining term effective April 1st 2024.

Thank you for supporting me these last 17 years as your Township Trustee!

God Bless you!


Michael Nicholson

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