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Oolitic Town Council Continues to Support Public Safety Efforts in Oolitic

OOLITIIC - JUNE 28, 2022 - Oolitic Town Council continues to support public safety efforts in Oolitic for both the Town Marshal's Office and Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department.

During their meeting last Thursday, the town council voted to approve the purchase of a Dodge Durango for the town marshal's office.

This will be Dodge Durango 2022 AWD SUV which is police pursuit rated at a base cost of $43, 238. The uplift package consisting of purchasing and installing emergency equipment at a cost of $19,742. The total cost of the purchase will be $62,980. The cost of the radio is being made by Lawrence County Emergency Management at no cost to the town.

The town will make bi-annual payments of $8,850 and will be delivered through John Jones Cheverolet , Salem, Indiana. The vehicle will have a three year or 36,000 bumper to bumper warranty. The delivery is expected in late July or August. Payments will be entirely made from the Local Income Tax Funds provided by Lawrence County.

" This is very exciting as this is the first new vehicle the town has purchased for the town marshal's office since 2007, " said Town Marshall James Harrington.

This will bring their fleet up to three squad cars. The other two police vehicles with $6,000 of repairs made within the last year.

With the purchase of this vehicle the fleet would include the Durango, Crown Victoria and Ford Taurus.

Oolitic Town Marshal James Harrington

Town Marshall James Harrington has indicated they are concerns on fuel expenditures. Harrington showed the Lawrence County Zephyr purchases he has made, out of his own pocket. Harringtons personal purchases total over $289. Fuel price increases have been affecting public safety agencies budgets and will have a impact on the next budget cycle.

Harrington lives in Worthington, Indiana. and drives the patrol vehicle back and forth. K-9 Deny was paid for by Harrington and the town is responsible for veterinary care, food and other supplies.

The Marshal's Office now is fully staffed with five officers which include:

  • Town Marshal - James Harrington

  • Deputy Marshal -Greg Hagan

  • SGT. Tlyer Ogden

  • Shaun Cabral

  • Mike Bargo

Oolitic Town Marshal James Harrington will continue to work on scheduling and provide the town will improve police protection.

During the Oollitic Town Council meeting the council approved the 2022 fire contract for the fire department.

The COVID pandemic has strained fire department budgets throughout Lawrence County

The contract will provide the volunteer fire department with a 20 percent increase in funding with a total of $43,000 in funding for the fire department. A total of 56 percent of the public safety funds the town receives from Lawrence County will be directed to the fire department.

Volunteer fire department throughout Lawrence County has a increase in calls during the COVID-19 which caused significant run volume and costs to each fire department.

The COVID and ARPA funds were not released to any volunteer fire department despite over $10 Million in funds given to the county. The only public safety agency to receive funds were the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Seals Ambulance Service.

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