• Bill Raines

Oolitic Remains with At-Large Council Districts

OOLITIC -( January 5, 2022) - The Oolitic Town Council members are all elected by at-large seats with no plans to change the way those members are elected to office.

Every census year the town council can decide to place the town in wards based on population or due to the size of a very small-town elect to have all seats at-large.

The re-districting of state, county and some cities are being done at this time due to population changes. The population of Oolitic is 1,100 residents.

The election for town offices will not be until 2023.

Current office holders include all At-Large

  • President - Tangie Jenkins

  • Vice - President - Johnny Bob Dillion

  • Brenda Corery

  • Steve Kerr

  • Jon Broglin

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