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North Lawrence Community School Launches a new Mobile App

BEDFORD - OCTOBER 26, 2022 - North Lawrence Community School launched a new Mobile app.

The latest news and information from schools in NLCS are now available on smartphones and mobile devices with a new mobile app launched today. NLCS is expanding its communications outreach with a mobile app that is now available in the online iTunes® and Google Play® app stores for FREE.

The NLCS mobile app will offer a constantly updated feed of district news and events

with photos and links to the district’s (mobile responsive) website. The app can also

be customized by the user by selecting the schools they are most interested in for

news and updates. Users can also choose to receive push notifications to get

breaking news and updates about school closures, calendar changes, or even sports


“We know that our students are more successful in schools when parents are

engaged in their learning and school activities,” said Lucas Calhoun, of North

Lawrence Community Schools. “With our new mobile app, parents and community

members can stay connected with our local schools and with the activities our

students are engaged in everyday.”

The district partnered with Schoolwires® to develop the Mobile Communications App.

The app is integrated with the district website and allows principals and district staff to

add and edit website content or create alerts using their smartphones.

According to the Pew Research Internet Project in 2013, 91% of Americans have

mobile phones and 60% use them to access the Internet and 50% download apps.

And those numbers are going up every year. With the NLCS mobile app, school news

and information is now even more accessible to school families and the public.

Parents and the public are encouraged to download this free mobile app to their

smartphones at: iTunes App Store:

GooglePlay Store:


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