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North Lawrence Community School Board Approves a One-Year Teacher Contract

BEDFORD - OCTOBER 25, 2022 - The North Lawernce Community School Board approved a one-year contract for teachers in a 6-0 Vote. NLCS Board president Trent Todd was not in attendance of Monday night's meeting.

" We are moving in the right direction, in providing our teachers better pay. Thanks, to the hard things we have had to do over the last few years, things are starting to pay off," said Dr. Ty Mungle Superintendent NLCS.

This year, teachers saw an increase in wages with approximately $1.3 million added to teachers' salaries and benefits.

There was a total of $18,400 in stipends and approximately $750,000 in wage increases, $100,000 in contributions to health savings accounts and $378,560 in health premiums paid by the school corporation.

" For the re-opener, since this is a one-year contract we made a really good effort in getting teachers caught up who were behind, because of freezes, and chaos in the state legislature, we made great success in getting them where they needed to be," said Lacy Hawkins President NLEA.

Over the last ten to elven years, NLCS teachers were only given stipends. This contract actually gave teachers a increase in salary which will help them with future retirement benefits.

Teachers at the top of the scale, got moved about a step up. " This added money to the base, and the best we can do under the circumstances," Hawkins concluded.

The teachers' contract will be opened again next year.

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