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Monroe County Deputy Injured During Police Pursuit- Cody Reeves Arrested

GREEENE COUNTY - DECEMBER 5, 2022 - A Monroe County Deputy was injured following a police pursuit that originated in Greene County on Saturday. The suspect Cody Reeves has a history of running from law enforcement was arrested following Saturday's incident.

File photo from Lawrence County from a previous arrest

Cody Reeves faces several charges in multiple counties following the vehicle pursuit that started at 6:57 p.m. when Greene County Sheriff's Deputy Sergeant Jordan Allor and Deputy Logan Milligan came into contact with a 2001 Cheverolet Suburban being driven by Cody Reeves, on Lawrence Hollow Drive.

After about a half mile the vehicle stopped in a yard on Lawrence Hollow Drive, and Reeves took off again driving through the yard and driving south on Lawrence Hollow Drive. While driving south on Lawrence Hollow Reeves attempted to hit a sheriff's deputy vehicle head on while responding to the pursuit.

The vehicle then went east onto Indiana State Road 445 and then north onto Indiana State Road 45 towards Monroe County, where the vehicle went head-on into incoming traffic on Indiana State Road 45.

Reeves drove into the Circle K Parking lot at the intersection of Indiana Stat Road 45 and Leonard Springs Road and turned east onto Indiana State Road 45 and Bloomfield Road proceeding into the Wal-Mart parking lot.

While in the parking lot Reeves struck a Monroe County Squad car and came to a rest. The Monroe County Deputy Brooks sustained an right arm injury and to his hand. Brooks was treated at the Monroe County Hospital for his injuries and released.

Reeves was taken into custody, with him facing charges in Greene County for resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, driving while suspended, and reckless driving.

In Monroe County Reeves is facing charges of resisting arrest with a vehicle, driving while suspended, and reckless driving. There probably be more charges added at a later time in Monroe County.

Saturday's incident is being investigated by Sgt. Jordan Allor, Monroe County Sheriff's Department, Bloomington Police Department, Monroe Fire Protection District and Ken's Westside Towing.

In May 2022, Reeves was arrested by Indiana State Police Trooper Sam Gilespie during a traffic stop around 11:28 p.m. after Reeves was traveling 75 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.

The traffic stop was conducted at Indiana State Road 37 and Indiana State Rad 54 west when Reeves took off, northbound on Indiana State Road 37 north. Speeds during the pursuit reached more than 100 miles per hour.

However, most of the time the speeds were a lot slower, with Reeves entering parking lots in the area of Indiana State Road 37 and Old State Road 37 in northern Lawrence County.

Reeves continued north into Monroe County, entering into lawns, and striking Indiana State Trooper Cody Brown's vehicle. Finally, that pursuit came to an end after going down a dead-end road, with several trooper able to take Reeves into custody.

In the Lawrence County pursuit, Reeves faced charges of driving suspended license, consuming a controlled substance, OWI, and reckless driving.

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