• Bill Raines

Mitchell Community Schools Breaks Ground on Auxillary Gym and Maintenance Building

MITCHELL - (December 7, 2021) - The Mitchell Community is excited about the good things that are yet to come for the students and future students at Mitchell Community Schools.

On Tuesday afternoon, several students, school officials and other community leaders came to the groundbreaking ceremony hosted by Dr. Brent Commer who welcomed the attendees.

" It is great to see the community and even better to see so many kids here today. This is for you guys, some of you are upper classman, we will get this built as soon as we can," said Dr. Commer.

" For you younger kids, this is going to be your home. On behalf of the board there was a lot of planning that went into this. Just a lot of things fell right, certain property come up for sale, and debt had to come off," Commer continued.

There will be several athletic programs under one roof which include, weight room, track, wrestling room, drop down nets, pitching lanes, and this for education and build the corporation athletic program.

"You deserve nothing less than what you are getting. the days of thinking we do not deserve certain things, that has to stop," Dr. Commer told the crowd.

" It is special for our wrestling program who has waited 30 years for this day to come," said Mitchell Wrestling coach Ethan Bohnenkamp who attended the groundbreaking with his wrestling team.

" This is an amazing thing for us, and to be able to have something that is actually ours," said Mitchell High School Junior Michael Gates.

" This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Mitchell Community Schools and cannot wait for this project can be completed This will bring an excellent opportunity for our community," said Amanda May Mitchell Junior High School principal.

All Mitchell Community School board members attended today's groundbreaking. " This is a big day for Mitchell and the future for our community. This is something we all can be proud of," said Stever Burton Mitchell Community School board member.

Several young kids attended and helped move dirt for this project, with those attending joining them in making a way for athletic and education for the Mitchell Community School system.

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