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May invites local college students to apply for paid Statehouse internship

STATEHOUSE (Sept. 13, 2022) – State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford) invites local college student to apply for paid Statehouse internships.

State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford) (right) joins House Republican intern Dylan Atkins (left) in the House Chamber during the 2022 legislative session at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. May encourages local college students, recent graduates, and law school and graduate students to apply for the 2023 House Republican Internship Program by visiting

May said House interns will be paid $800 bi-weekly as they work at the Indiana Statehouse in downtown Indianapolis during the 2023 legislative session, which kicks off in January and concludes at the end of April. He said internships are available in several departments and are open to college sophomores, juniors and seniors, graduate students and recent graduates.

"Many former House interns used the opportunity to land full-time jobs with the legislature, while some joined the private sector in a number of different fields," May said. "Regardless of where they go, House internships can be an effective launching pad for so many career options."

Paid, spring-semester intern positions are full time, Monday through Friday, and include free parking, career and professional development assistance, enrollment access to an Indiana government class, and opportunities to earn academic credits through the student's college or university. Interns are also eligible to apply for a competitive $3,000 scholarship to use toward undergraduate and graduate expenses.

According to May, students can apply for internships in a variety of departments related to their field of study, including legislative operations, policy, and communications and media relations.

May said to learn more and apply online before the Oct. 31 deadline, visit

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