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Lawrence County Women's Care Awards Avoca-Marshall Recreation Park $1,100

MITCHELL - MAY 2, 2022 - The second quarter meeting of the Lawrence County Women's Care was held at the Mitchell Church of Christ Family Life Center.

Lawrence County Woman's Care Met Sunday afternoon at the Mitchell Church of Christ Family Life Center

During the meeting the group showed up in Derby hats and had some Derby Pie.

Ladies from the Lawrence County Woman's Care dressed up in Derby hats for the second quarter meeting on Sunday

Avoca-Marshall Township Recreation Park was given $1,100 following the vote of the group.

" We will use the funds to help the park become ADA accessible," said Marshall Township Trustee Suzi Evans following the meeting. " We are very grateful, for the contribution to our park. I did not even know about this group," Evans added.

The group heard presentations from Avoca-Marshall Township Recreation Park with representation from Suzi Evans, and Sam Bond on the various projects.

Left to right - Bob Evans, Suzi Evans, Marshall Township Trustee, and Sam Bond, Avoca-Marshall Township Park

Also, the Lawrence County Patient Services presented the group about several of their services they provide to Lawrence County residents. Many Lawrence County residents are dealing with cancer. Judy Heichelbech presented for the group.

Mitchell Youth League made a presentation for the group for softball and baseball leagues in the Mitchell Area. The group normally spends around $38,000 to provide a place for boys and girls to be able to participate. Chris Bowles presented for the Mitchell Youth League. Lawrence County Zephyr will present information about this group in another feature.

The group of women meets about four times a year, raising money for non-profit organizations located throughout Lawrence County.

" We listen to the presentation, after the presentation the ladies will vote on which organization they will support at the end of the meeting," said Rebecca Goller one of the organizers of the group.

To find out more about this group, which is seeking more members go to their Facebook page.

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