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Lawrence County Sheriff Requests More Money For Fuel

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 28, 2022 - Lawrence County Council approved Sheriff Mike Branham's request of $70,000 to cover fuel costs to the end of the year.

Sheriff Mike Branham requested additional funds for fuel

The request was not unexpected as the sheriff warned the council earlier this year that he would be needing more funds.

In addition, $1,000 from a Dodge Charger was put into the repair line after receiving reimbursement from an insurance claim.

Sheriff Branham gave the council members a six-month report on the Commissary Fund.


  • Balance on January 1, 2022 - $83,720 - Balance July 30, 2022 - $75,898.31

  • Total receipts January 1, 2022 - $173,868.51 - Disbursements - $181,699,66

Branham also has reported the ability to hire both jailers and 911 dispatchers is still proving difficult with staffing levels very concerning.

Branham has requested the salary scale to be moved to Scale E for 911 dispatchers and jailers. He also requested to move the supervisors scale from Scale A to Scale B due to the added responsibilities.

Due to changes in Senate Enrolled Act 158 section 6 there have been additional responsibilities added to the County's 911 Central Dispatch.

File photo: The hiring of 911 dispatchers and jailers is proving difficult in Lawrence County

The report back from a recent jail inspection has not been completed and the sheriff should know the result of those findings in the next couple of weeks. A study was conducted by former Sheriff Sam Craig and additional study by Sheriff Branham on staffing levels at the jail. There is still a shortage of one jailer at the current time.

Current Jail Counts

Total Inmates - 103

  • Males - 81

  • Females - 20

  • Level 6 Felons - 5

  • Department of Corrections - 4

The changes to the Retirement Plan at the Sheriff's Department have been withdrawn by Sheriff Branham. Branham proposed changing retirement requirements to 20 years.

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