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Lawrence County Seeks Health Insurance Plans - County Employees Asked to Reach Out

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 21, 2022 - Miles Parker of the Parker Group appeared before the Lawrence County Commissioners giving them a proposal on two health care plans. Under the current Insurance Plan under Anthem the county's plan soared from $3.2 Million to $4.8 Million in costs.

Lawrence County Commissioners Wally Branham, President Rodney Fish, and Dustin Gabhart

Under the new proposals under United Healthcare Plan would be $3.1 million or 41 percent in savings to the county or the IU Health Plan $2.5 million a 47 percent savings to the county, with ready wellness programs. The commissioners tabled the proposals until next meeting to hear from county employees or questions they may have about their health benefits.

Employees are encouraged to reach out to Miles Parker or the county's new Human Resources Director Travis Sanders.

Michelle Carrico appeared before the commissioners to request the second draw on the South Central Sewer District in the Judah area. The project is 80 percent complete at this time. The commissioners approved the payment of $72,739.60 for work performed.

The Lawrence County Commissioners passed a ordinance in regards to Internal Controls as a recommendation from the Indiana State Board of Accounts. This came from recommendations from the recent audit which found deficiencies in accounting at the Lawrence County Auditors Office.

Lawrence County Highway Supt. Brandi Webb advised that paving in District 1 is about complete and the paving will move to District 3 next week. The crews will continue to cut brush and patching continues.

Emergency Management Director Valarie Luchauer advised that Sheriff Branham and herself has met with ABATE officials in regards to the BOOGIE. ABATE officials are concerned about trees and low hanging branches from Seighbolt Quarry Road to Moore Lane. County Commissioners advised her this is private property and nothing could be done. Commissioners welcomed the event to the count and the partnerships that have developed over the years.

Sheriff Mike Branham reports there are 144 Inmates at the jail, which include 114 Males, 30 females, 5 Level -6 Felons, and 23 Department of Corrections. He reports from DOC revenue should increase this year.

Sheriff Branham announced that Aaron Shoults will be his Chief Deputy to finish out his term as Sheriff. Shoults has agreed to come out of retirement as a non- merit deputy and should be a savings to the county. Shoults replaces Gregg Taylor who will be going to the North Lawrence Career Center as a Instructor.

The Sheriff reports that repairs have been made to the boiler room at the jail as well as repairs to the water lines.

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