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Lawrence County Property Transfers: September 11, 2022

LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBER 11, 2022 - Here is a list of property transfers from Lawrence County, Indiana.

  • 1040 O Street - Bedford - Estate of Richard Milline Cameron Sr. Springville, IN sold to Dwight E. Clark, Martinsville, IN in the amount of $149,000

  • 726 16th Street - Bedford -Quarryman Properties, Indianapolis, IN sold to Route 50 G LLC, Nashville, IN in the amount of $45,000

  • 712 I Street - Bedford - Dorothy Kutis Merrell Living Trust, Bedford, IN sold to Jerry Ford, Bedford, IN in the amount of $50,000

  • 85 Briar Avenue - Bedford - Sharon S. Hearth and Toby Kern, Bedford, IN sold to JMC Property LLC in the amount of $15,000

  • 1516 15th Street - Bedford - John Werner, Bedford, IN sold to Dustin Bowman, Bedford, IN and Darci R. Roberts in the amount of $215,900

  • 1140 Church Camp Road - Bedford - Fred Patterson, Bedford, IN sold to Garrett Collins, and Debra Collins, Bloomington, IN in the amount of $193,300.

  • 3084 Tunnelton Road - Bedford - David Lynn and Nedra Wade Revocable Trust sold to Blaze Byrer, Bedford, IN in the amount of $495,515

  • 1227 U Street - Bedford - Key West HWC LLC, Bedford, IN sold to Sonja L Barnett and Charles C. Barnett in the amount of $67,900

  • 3580 Old Vincennes Road - Huron - M&L Properties, Washington, IN sold to Jack Triplett Jr. , Mitchell, IN in the amount of $3,000

  • 3419 River Bluff Road - Bedford - Gary Manley, Bedford, IN sold to Kyle E. Ellingsworth, Bedford, IN in the amount of $118,000

  • 955 Stevens Street - Mitchell - Stillions Contracting, Bedford and Hoosier Drainage LLC. Bedford sold to Elmer G. Rivera, Seymour, IN in the amount of $10,000

  • 1024 Church Camp Road - Bedford - Jared and Jessica Staggs, Bedford sold to John J. Werner, Bedford, in the amount of $394,900

  • 5345 Sandpit Road - Bedford - Lance A. Gruben, Yuma AZ and Tiffany Brokaw, Yuma, AZ sold to Herbert and Michelle Asbury, Mitchell in the amount of $459,900

  • 184 Kinser Cemetery Road - Bedford - Chad and Jennifer Nikirk, Colorado Springs CO sold to Evan Wheeler, in the amount of $355,000

  • 365 Austin Lane - Bedford - Carl Sahberg, Bedford, IN sold to Ryan Barlett, Heltonville, IN in the amount of $165,000

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