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Lawrence County Council District 2 Candidate Jason Russell Challenges county's overspending

LAWRENCE COUNTY - OCTOBER 15, 2022 - Lawrence County Council District 2 Candidate Jason Russell will be facing off against Republican candidate Phil Inman.

Russell released the following statement, " I’m Jason Tylor Russell, and I’m looking to be elected to the County Council representing District 2.

Overspending, mismanaging, and misplacing our tax dollars is what has drove me to run for this position. Tax increases so they get a pay raise while they deny our fire departments proper funding is unacceptable. We don’t have an ambulance service in this county and a new $40,000,000 jail is being discussed.

I will vote no on the new jail. I will vote no on any pay increases for the county officials. I will vote no on any tax increases. Stopping the building of a new jail, properly funding our fire departments, and getting an ambulance service for our county are my biggest issues. The safety of our residents should be more important than a new jail or pay raises.

Vote Jason Tylor Russell, Libertarian, for Lawrence County Council District 2,"

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to follow developments in this year's election.

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