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Lawrence County Collects over $37 Million in Property Taxes in 2022 for all units of Government

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 17 - 2023 - Jody Edwards, Lawrence County Treasurer gave the county's financial report this morning.

The county collected $37,557,701.24 which includes the property taxes revenues from the school corporations.

In the year 2022 Edward's reports that interest rates have come up a little which helped the county earn $275,425 in interest.

The savings account had a total of $11,761,000.71 in its savings account which partially includes the ARPA funds received from the federal government.

This year, the county collected approximately 94 percent of property taxes owed this year, which was a good return.

The officers that were appointed to the Financial Committee in 2023 include Dustin Gabhart, president, Noah Browning, vice-president and Jody Edwards as treasurer.

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