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Lawrence County Charter Schools Enrollment Numbers Released

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 17, 2022 - The enrollment numbers from the two charter schools have been released. There is a total of 411 students enrolled between both of Lawrence County's charter schools.

Lawrence County Independent School in Fayetteville

The Lawrence County Independent Schools enrollment for the 2022 - 2023 School Year is 240

The enrollment numbers for the Springville Community Academy is reported at 171 since the Lawrence County Zephyr released its story, yesterday on the SCA board meeting.

Springville Community Academy

The Lawrence County Independent Schools is its second year of operations, and the Springville Community Academy is in its first year of operation.

The schools were created following the consolidation of four elementary schools in the North Lawrence Community School Corporation.

The LCIS building was acquired by the Indian Creek Township officials to keep education within the community, and Perry Township officials acquired the Springville Elementary School to serve both as an education center and community building.

Both schools provide K-8 Education with many programs designed with a rural community in mind.

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