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Jan -Holmes- Kirk Seeks Republican Nomination for Marshall Township Trustee

MARSHALL TOWNSHIP - (April 11, 2022) - Jan Holmes Kirk is seeking the Republican nomination for Marshall Township Trustee.

She is one of three who is seeking the nomination which include Tony Barrett, and Christopher Noel.

Jan Holmes Kirk is seeking the Republican nomination for Marshall Township Trustee

All three candidates were given four questions by the subscribers to answer. All three have responded to the inquiry.

Here is Jan's response to the questions:

1. Why do you want to be a Trustee of Marshall Township?

1) As a 4th generation, life-long resident of Marshall Township, I have witnessed a lot of changes throughout my years. Some great, and some not so good. As someone who's roots are firmly planted in this community, I truly care about making the Township the best it can be for my fellow neighbors of this community. Being retired I have all the time and energy to dedicate to our community. I have the passion to make Marshall Township even better by taking the necessary actions to get there.

2. Is it possible to meet the needs of the fire department and park department if funding is

not allocated at a similar rate as assessed property values?

2) Absolutely, Yes!!! As trustee, I would be sure and organize fundraisers and write proposals for grants to be sure the needs of both departments are met. I will work closely with board members, volunteers, and the community to make sure we accomplish the fundraising goals to help the fire department attain what they need as well as continuing the upkeep and improvements of the park

3. How would you notify the public of township meetings?

3) I would notify the public in social media. Specifically through the Marshall Township Facebook page and local news pages as we are in a time period where most people are on social media. I will also post signs and notices at local businesses in the Township with information about the meeting.--

4. How do you see Marshall Township in four years?

4) In the next four years, one of my main goals is to build a bigger sense of community. I see family get togethers at the park, a farmers market, concerts, and more activities for our youth. I will work closely with the fire department to make sure their needs are met to continue their amazing service to our Township. I see the cemetaries as a beautiful and well kept place to honor our loved ones who lie there. I see Marshall Township helping those in our community that need assistance.

"Let's Make Marshall Even Better"!!!!

5. At this time you can tell the public about yourself and address any other topics not mentioned in the questions.

As mentioned earlier, I'm a life-long resident of Marshall Township. I spent 51 years as a Hilltopper at Needmore School as a student than later as a teacher for 39 years. I'm an organized leader that will take action and get things done for our Township.--

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to provide up to the minute primary election coverage.

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