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Internal Investigation Underway Regarding Oolitic Town Marshal James Harrington

OOLITIC - SEPTEMBER 29, 2022- A internal investigation is underway regarding Oolitic Town Marshal James Harrington. According to Harrington the request was made by himself regarding a citation that was issued to Tyson Enochs for illegal parking.

According to Harrington there were four times the Oolitc Marshal's office responded to regarding the illegal parking of a vehicle on a town street where a " No parking" strip of yellow was made.

The fourth complaint was made by the Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department who was responding to an emergency call. The fire department had difficulty getting a fire apparatus to the scene.

Marshal Harrington invited Lawrence County Zephyr to review the footage of the interaction between both Harrington and Enochs. At this time, Lawrence County Zephyr has not reviewed the footage.

Tyson Enochs maintains that he was threatened, slandered and mistreated by Harrington in a Facebook post given to two social media Facebook pages.

Glenn and Leah Gross also asked for internal investigation on Town Marshal Harrington, after he messaged those who made social media post on Facebook about the incident.

Once the posting was made, Harrington also private messaged Enochs. The incident is under investigation at his time by town officials.

According to Town Attorney Greg Pittman that a formal request through his office will have to be formally made by the Gross's before an investigation can move forward. Town officials will decide whether an investigation will move forward on the issue.

The Glen Gross have also told the Lawrence County Zephyr that a protective order has been granted against a town council member. " We have been harassed and targeted by the town marshal and vandalized," according to a statement issued by the Gross's

Glen Gross have also invited the Lawrence County Zephyr to review video footage of their allegations against both the town council member and the town marshal. At this time, Lawrence County Zephyr has not reviewed any of the footage.

According to the Glen Gross, the allegations made by the Gross's have been reviewed by the Lawrence County Prosecutor's office for any violations of law and at this time no criminal charges have been filled according to the Glen Gross.

Lawrence County Zephyr will monitor developments in this story.

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