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Indiana Child Protective Services was Contacted After Mitchell Man Arrested for Aggressive Driving

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 22, 2023 - In the probable cause affidavit obtained by the Lawrence County Zephyr Indiana Child Protective Services was contacted by the Bedford Police Department following the arrest of Jeremy Small, 38 Mitchell, Indiana on October 6, 2022.

Small was arrested by Bedford Police Department at 5:53 pm according to Bedford Police Department dispatch log for the day.

Photo: Former IU Health Police Officer B.J. Fulkerson made a 911 call reporting Small to the Bedford Police Department reporting Jeremy Small for aggressive driving. However, Bedford Police Department did not file aggressive driving charges against Fulkerson for brake checking and potentially causing the incident on Indiana State Road 37 near Tieman Tire

Bedford Police responded to 911 call by former IU Health Police Officer B.J. Fulkerson on October 6, 2022, to the Lowe's Parking lot in Bedford, Indiana.

Bedford Police made the traffic stop based on information Fulkerson provided to the 911 dispatchers. According to Bedford Police Officer Jarrett Tedrow he asked Small several times to hand over his identification, and if he did not that he would be placed under arrest. According to the report made by officer Tedrow, Small continued to refuse to hand over his identification.

According to Bedford Police Officer Tedrow's report he requested the male to place his hands behind his back, as he was being arrested for on the charge of refusal to identify, and traffic infractions.

Small was arrested on the following charges on October 6, 2022, which included reckless driving, following too closely, refusing to identify, resisting law enforcement, and neglect of a dependent.

The charges against Small was amended by Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline to only the two remaining charges of resisting law enforcement, and failure to identify.

Officer Tedrow contacted the Indiana Department of Child Services hotline and spoke with a representative about the incident and a report was generated by the Indiana Child Protective Services.

Officer Tedrow in his report states that Fulkerson was traveling on Indiana State Road 37 northbound near Tieman Tire. Tieman Tire is located at 3100 block Rariden Hill Road, north of Mitchell.

Video: (Body camera footage by Bedford Police Department officers was muted throughout the arrest of Jeremy Small. Contrary to the report filed by Bedford Police officer Tedrow. Small was not advised why he was being detained or arrested even while placed in the Bedford Police vehicle. Officers could be heard saying " We will figure that out" in questions asked by Small)

According to the report Fulkerson was traveling 60 to 70 miles and stated that a grey Dodge was " tailgating everybody" and got very close to the rear end of Fulkerson's vehicle.

According to the report Fulkerson admitted to officers he pressed his brakes and motioned for Jeremy to create distance between the two vehicles.

Fulkerson advised that Jeremy swerved into th median and sped past Fulkerson on the left side, pinning Fulkerson's vehicle between the Dodge and another vehicle in the right lane. Fulkerson estimated the Dodge was traveling 75-80 miles per hour in the median.

Fulkerson told Officer Tedrow he observed a juvenile female inside the Dodge at the time of the incident. Fulkerson who told 911 dispatchers that he was an IU Health Police officer was traveling in his own personal vehicle.

The report noted that the child was entertained by officers on the scene while waiting for the mother of the child. The child's mother Megan Small arrived and took custody of the child and the gray Dodge and trailer.

Jeremy Small was transported to the Bedford Police Department for processing, then to the Lawrence County Jail for housing.

Despite former IU Health Police Officer B.J. Fulkerson's account of traveling above the posted speed limit, brake checking Jeremy Small's vehicle and a violation of the Indiana State law, the Lawrence County Zephyr could not find any arrest or traffic violations issued by the Bedford Police Department on the dispatch log for that day.

Lawrence County Zephyr has learned that Christa Fulkerson,is the wife of B.J. Fulkerson is a case worker for Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel Arp II.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore requested that Small contact the Indiana State Police for a investigation of the incident. Chief Moore himself has not personally requested a investigation by Indiana State Police.

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments in the incident, and the jury trial that is scheduled in July.

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Terry D
Terry D
May 31, 2023

Looks like a bad old boy system, in my opinion. Makes a person wonder if the sitting judge knows what goes on, and is he corrupt and allows this to go on? Every case any of these law enforcement officers have ever been part of someone being prosecuted over should be reviewed, in my opinion.

Good to see some just don't let stuff get swept under the rug.

Maybe people will line up and have this writer do a article of their bad experiences there, and bring them out in the open. Then the writer maybe can go through the experience with some, of going to file complaints or charges, with this already bringing to light the corruption, in my…


May 26, 2023

Please come investigate

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