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BEDFORD - JANUARY 2, 2022 - In 2022, Bedford have seen many vacant retail spaces fill up throughout the city.

In addition, many local entrepreneurs open their businesses within the city.

Lawrence County Zephyr takes a look at the Business News throughout 2022.


MAY 10, 2022 - During the Bedford Planning Commission meeting, Monday afternoon; Bedford Plan Director Brandon Woodward announced that Ollies is going into the former JC Penny's building located on James Avenue.

The retailer is working on preparing the building and permits from the state before being able to open up the facility. No timeline has been given on an opening date.

Ollies is coming to Bedford - The former JC Penny's on James Avenue future home of the retailer

Ollies's is America's largest retailers of closeout merchandise and excess inventory. There are over 439 stores located throughout the United States.

Preparations continue for the Marshall Store to open - Located in the 2600 block 16th Street

Most of the merchandise comes direct from the finest manufacturers in the country and abroad.

Woodward also reported that Marshall's is getting the building prepared for their opening, which will be located in the 2600 block 16th Street. The store will open up next to the Tractor Supply Store. There is no word when their grand opening with be.

Marshall's is an American chain of off-price department stores owned by TJX Companies. The store sells, clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, and beauty products.

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JUNE 26, 2022 - The General Motors Company representative Glen Sampson presented the Bedford City Council members with their compliance statement for 2022.

This includes five tax abatements the company receives from the City of Bedford.


  • Personal property - 2016 - Furnish and Install Machinery, Equipment, and Special Tooling to produce aluminum Block Castings - The block CSS business have struggled according to Sampson but continues to improve.

  • Personal property - 2015 - Furnish and Install Machinery and Equipment and special tooling to support Die Casting Operation for various products. This includes 6, 8,10 speed transmissions

  • Personal property - 2014 - Furnish and install Machinery, equipment and special tooling to produce aluminum Block Castings - This is for the small gas engine business that is currently doing well.

  • Personal property - 2011 - Equpment and tooling to produce Mold Head Castings

  • Personal property - 2010 - Equipment and tooling to produce Mold Head Castings

The City Council passed to continue the abatements for General Motors and Mayor Sam Craig thanked them for being a community partner and business within the City of Bedford.


NOVEMBER 18, 2022 - According to General Motors Officials they will invest $45 Million to expand production at the Bedford Casting Plant.

The investment will be used to support the production of electric vehicles for the Silverado Electric vehicle, GMC Sierra Vehicle Electric Vehicle full-size pickup, and the investment will be used to retain 680 employees but there are no plans to add additional jobs.

The local plant laid of more than 70 full-time employees after their SPM productions was eliminated earlier this year. Those employees were offered varied positions throughout the corporation at other locations in the United States.

The GM Plant detailed plans to invest more than $51 Million at the 1 million square plant and a new building was constructed earlier, with $300,000 construction according to the Bedford Planning Department October permits issued.

The company will use the investments to install new equipment to support the drive unit castings production for the Silverado.

GM has made several investments over the last few years in the Bedford Plant totaling over $465 Million dollars since 2011.

" Our Bedford operation is one of the leading aluminum die casting facilities in the world and this additional investment is really an investment really an investment in the Bedford team and their commitment to excellence," said Phil Kienle, GM vice-president of North America manufacturing and labor relations.

"This investment helps build job security for our Bedford team for years to come as we continue to prepare our entire manufacturing footprint for an all-electric-future,"

Bedford Redevelopment Commission and Bedford City Council approved 100 percent 10 year tax abatement for the first year. With 15 percent of the tax abatement going the Beddford's RDC.

In September, General Motors says it has invest more than $500 Million to expand and upgrade operations in its Marion, Indiana Plant to support electric vehicle production.

General Motors plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2035.


AUGUST 3, 2022 -According to General Motors officials 35 Seniority Employees are being laid off at the Bedford GM Powertrain Casting Plant.

Employees was told of the layoffs yesterday in a internal meeting. An employee told the Lawrence County Zephyr that the shutdown of the SPM Department, I was told this would not affect his job, however five months later they are saying good-bye is ridiculous," who wanted to remain anonymous.

The temporary full-time employees were told it would not affect them because of the tax abatement being given by the City of Bedford. However, both the temporary and seniority employees will be laid off.

The employees were told they will be losing their jobs by September 23, 2022. According to the reports about 100 employees will be affected by the layoffs.

Bedford City Council approved a tax abatement last month to help direct a new product line to the plant.

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments in this breaking story.

GM Powertrain to layoff 35 Seniority Employees on or about September 23

This is the statement released by General Motors after inquiring about the layoffs this morning.

"General Motors Bedford Casting Operations has reminded employees of an indefinite layoff impacting 35 seniorities, represented employees. This adjustment to hourly staffing levels is based on operational changes at the plant. Impacted employees will be covered under the provisions of the UAW-GM National Agreement and will be offered employment opportunities at other GM locations as they become available. GM Bedford Casting Operations produces cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, transmission cases, structural components, and drive unit housings for multiple vehicle platforms," said Kevin Nadrowski, Plant Communications.

Lawrence County Zephyr reached out to UAW 440 office this morning for a response on the report and was referred to the local plant for comment.


NOVEMBER 18, 2022 - A new dog grooming business has opened in Lawrence County at 191 Old U.S. 50 West located between Dixie Highway and Indiana State Road 37 on Bedford's southside.

Taylor Hunter is ready to serve clients who are wanting their dogs to look good for upcoming holiday season.

Hunter has been in business almost three months now. She decided to start her own business after working in a few salons over the spring of this year.

" I love working with pets, it something she has always been interested in working multiple vet tech jobs in the past," said Hunter.

File photo

She received her certification for dog grooming in Greenwood, Indiana. She was taught specific breed cuts, overall mannerisms of the dogs to be prepared, and what to watch for when they are being handled. In addition, how to treat the dogs, properly dry them, properly cut their nails.

In addition, Hunter has certification in Pet CPR.

Store Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. closed on Wednesday and open every other Saturday. She would like the last dog picked up by 5:00 p.m. Clients are encouraged to call for appointment except for clipping nails.

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NOVEMBER 10, 2022 - Folklore Farm located at 909 13th Street located at the intersection of 13th and I Streets in Bedford, has several vintage items to purchase just in time for the Holdiay's.

A variety of items to make excellent Holiday gifts stop by Folklore Farms and see what you can take off your Christmas list

" I have been in business about nine months, offering vintage merchandise, antiques, small treasurers, to large pieces of furniture," said Atalie Anderson owner.

" We specialize in customizing, and with a wonderful shopping experience. We customize furniture for our customers, we are not the typical boutique on the Bedford square, we like the vintage to be repurposed. Making the repurposing of the old to make you're a customer's home themed to their desire and makeover. Making the home inviting to guests and other family members,"

People seek out the business to help them with a variety of needs and desires.

The business is open on Fridays and Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, the business is available other days through the week to make appointments for special consultations.

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NOVEMBER 2, 2022 - A new business is about to open downtown Bedford. Hoosier Daddies Collectibles Grand Opening Week will begin on November 7th - 12th just in time for the Holidays.

The business is located at 1125 16th Street in Bedford.

Andrew Thomas the sole owner of the business has turned his hobby into a business.

" I got back into the business about 7 years ago started acquiring comic books and other collectibles. Never thought I would get into the sports card business but realized they are some worth a lot of money, I also started collecting seal boxes, hobby boxes and they can be ordered from me right at the store," said Thomas.

" Comic books have always been my passion, my dad collected heavily and got me interested into this,"

They are some high dollar comic books that are out there. Some anywhere from $10,000 to $1 Million. Locals who want their own collection can have them sent off and appraised with agreements with appraisals already available.

The Comic Book authorized dealer CBCS and CGC can do signature authenticity and grading the collectible. Thomas encourages customers to bring them in and will be sent out for appraisal.

Hoosier Daddies Collectibles also does trades ins at 65 percent of Fair Market Value during the grand opening of the store.

Business Hours will be:

  • Mondays - 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Tuesdays - 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Wednesdays - Closed

  • Thursdays - 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Fridays - 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Saturday - 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Andrew Thomas is married to his wife Tiffany, he is a 2007 Bedford North Lawrence High School Graduate, attended college at University of Evansville, USI and Indiana Wesleyan

Andrew invites you to find out what kind of treasure is hidden among this new business adventure in Bedford's Downtown.

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OCTOBER 21, 2022 - A new business has opened on Bedford's West side bringing more retail business that continues to bring vibrate life to the business community.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig and Bedford Chamber of Commerce Shance Sizemore CEO Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce and Sallie Miller, Officer Coordinator Bedford Chamber of Commerce attended this morning's event. Along with Tonya Millis, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congressional District 9.

Madelyn's family members also attended the special event.

Many of Madelyn's co-workers from the Lawrence County courthouse showed up to support Madelyn on her business venture.

Nelson says she intends to work at the Lawrence County Courthouse, and her husband Lee will continue to work at Kirby Risk in Bloomington. " We really are a team, who describing the relationship as married couple and business partners.

Tonya Millis, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. 9th Congressional district looks over merchandise

Madelyn Nelson and her husband Lee will be operating the business located at 3295 West 16th Street. The business itself located off of Becky Skillman Way.

Madelyn Nelson makes preparations for this morning's ribbon cutting ceremony

" We had so much inventory and no room left in our home, and sales of the business have kept steadily increasing. The couple done several vendor events, going places we decided why go to them, when they can come to us," said Madelyn Nelson owner of Madelyn's Bling Boutique.

Lee Nelson tends to merchandise prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony

All products with few exceptions is priced at $5.00 each.

The business is opened every day except on Tuesdays.

" We hopefully will bring you great luck and fortune and prosper at this location," said Bedford Mayor Sam Craig,"

" We hope your business continues to grow and Bedford Chamber will offer any assistance that you may need," said Shance Sizemore, Bedford Chamber of Commerce.

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Madelyn' Bling Boutique is located at 3295 West 16th Street in Bedford


DECEMBER 28, 2022 - Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do, however for one local Bedford business they are closing January 1st.

The business located at 1005 16th Street in Bedford.

After being in business for just three years, the owner Mark Magnuson has announced that Downtown at DACARS will end be closing.

" After almost three years of rebuilding this bar and restraunt we've come to realize that with the lack of business, during the week and unpredictable weekends, we do not have the ability to maintain the energy, effort, and oversight needed to sustain a business of this caliber," said Mark Magnuson in a Facebook post announcing the closing.

There will be two bands on Friday night and on New Year's Eve DJ party with Brad Lake.

" We would like to thank all of our customers for your patronage," the announcement concluded.


BEDFORD - DECEMBER 14, 2022 - Employees of Bedford's Artic Glacier Ice found out today they no longer have jobs. This announcement will affect about 12 employees from the Bedford operation.

The employees will be given two weeks' pay, accrued and unused vacation pay. This will help employees through the holidays and the end to 2022. This will be paid on or around December 23, 2022.

The operations for Artic Glacier Ice in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan have been taken over by Home City Ice. The employees can apply for jobs with the new company.

Conser's Ice Company was purchased by one of the largest ice making companies in the United States New Jersey based Artic Glacier LLC. back in December 2019.

The terms of that sale were not released.

Conser's Ice started back in 1971 and at one time Conser's Ice produced over 240 tons of Ice daily.

During this acquisition, the company purchased eight other smaller ice companies in 2019 and 21 other companies within since 2016.

Glacier Artic Ice operated 49 production plants and 49 distribution facilities across Canda and northeastern United States.

Home City Ice Inc. has been business since 1893 and is based out of Sayer Park, Ohio. Sales exceeded over $200,000.000 with operations in several states throughout the United States.

Lawrence County Zephyr has left messages for both Glacier Artic Ice LLC and Home City Ice, Inc. have been unreturned.


DECEMBER 1, 2022 - The announcement of layoffs of 400 at Catalent has employees concerned with a wide range of emotions.

Bloomington's largest employer says those employees will be notified December 2, 2022, whether they will be terminated. Some already notified that they will be losing their positions in the first round of notifications.

Some of those employees from Lawrence County were notified they will no longer be working there, other Lawrence County employees waiting to see if they will survive a second wave of announcements.

At this time no one from Lawrence County employees wanted to be on the record for interviewed at this time. Only to say they hope they could survive the job cuts.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamiliton

Mayor John Hamilton has issued the following statement regarding today's Catalent announcement:

"I learned today that Catalent is laying off 400 employees, full-time and temporary, between November 30 and December 2. I am sad to learn about this difficult and painful decision and my heart is with the affected individuals and their families.

My understanding is that in responding to the pandemic Catalent significantly ramped up operations to accommodate the manufacturing of life-saving vaccines, but at present, the same volume of production is not necessary and thus is not economically sustainable as before.

My administration will continue to work with the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation, (BEDC), the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, and Catalent and their employees to minimize the impact on those affected by these layoffs. We will also continue working to bring jobs to Bloomington and connect people with those job opportunities.

Catalent continues to be a major employer in Bloomington, employing 3,100 people after these layoffs and remains invested in this community. We look forward to their continued long-term growth and success, including significant capital improvement projects already underway here in their Bloomington facility.

My office will continue to participate in a community response that supports Bloomington workers and businesses and connects Bloomingtonians to work opportunities.

The City of Bloomington provided Catalent with $44 Million tax credit to be able to bring expand the Bloomington operation and add approximately 1,100 jobs to the facility.

The company eliminated 200 temporary positions in June of this year.

The Catalent has approximately 3,212 full time employees with plans to expand 1,100 with the tax abatement granted to the company.

The expansion of the company was part of a conversation for a planned Monroe County Jail The property itself is located on Rogers Street owned by Monroe County.

The Monroe County Commissioners issued a resolution earlier this year to set aside the property for a period of two years, in case that Catalent. wanted to purchase the property.

At this time, it is not known whether the City of Bloomington will seek to have the tax abatement rescinded. after yesterday's announcement.


AUGUST 15, 2022 - Construction continues to sizzle in Bedford, over the last couple months. The Bedford Planning Department issued a total of 9 permits for the month of June, and 31 permits in July.

In June Paragon Developpements on West 16th Street completed over a $2 Million renovation to its facade to create a new outside appeal to its properties that encompasses Jay - C Foods, Anytime Fitness and other retailers along the strip.

Paragon Developments invested over $2 Million in a new look for its property along West 16th Street

In July, construction of a new car wash has begun with over $750,000 in new construction for this particular project.

Construction of a new car wash is underway in the 3100 block of John Williams Blvd

The even brighter spot for the City of Bedford is over $1 Million in new home construction in the month of July.

Despite all the economic uncertainties with inflation, rise in construction costs, and rise in interest rates there continues to be a lot of construction continuing in the City of Bedford.

Permits issued in June:

  • Certificates of Occupancy - 2

  • Commerical With Inspection- 3

  • New Building Construction - 1

  • New Residential Construction - 5

  • Residential no inspection - 2

  • Residential with inspection - 6

Permits issued in July:

  • Commerical Without inspection - 1

  • Demolition - 1

  • New Building Construction - 2

  • New Residential Construction - 11

  • Residential no inspection - 6

  • Residential with inspection - 8

  • Signs - 2

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