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" Hear ye, hear ye" Indiana Supreme Court Called into Session by Mitchell High School Student

MITCHELL - OCTOBER 26, 2022 - Students from Mitchell High School, Orleans High School and Shoals High School went to court on Wednesday at the Historic Mitchell Opera House.

Mitchell High School students left to right - Cadden McCormick, Katlyn Hall, Elizabeth Gillespie, Macie Mckneely, Emma Sowder, and Steven Case

The students were invited to see the Judicial Branch of State Government at work with the Indiana Supreme Court in session to hear oral arguments.

Students from Mitchell, Orleans and Shoals High School was able to attend today's Indiana Supreme Court Hearing at the Historic Mitchell Opera House on Wednesday

Mitchell High School student Emma Sowders, called the session by telling the spectators to "Rise, hear ye, hear ye the Indiana Supreme Court is now in session"

Sowders, is a Senior at Mitchell High School said, " I am a little nervous, but I think this will be good," in being part of today's courtroom as Honorary Bailiff.

Sowders, president of the Honor Society, varsity member of the Cross-Country Team, hoping to study phycology, and journalism in college.

" I think it is really cool, to be here today, but I do not have any interest in law. I plan to study wildlife biology," said Elizabeth Gillespie Mitchell High School Student.

Katlyn Hall was selected to represent the student body thought it is wonderful to have a case being heard in Mitchell, Indiana.

Gracie Smith would like to be an attorney at law

" This has been my dream for a very long time to be an attorney of law. I am interested in pursuing a career in criminal law," said Gracie Smith who attended Wednesday's proceedings with her father Scott. " My mother got a degree wanting to be a paralegal, and this sparked my interest because she never got to," Gracie added.

Emily Dewitt Orleans High School sat with the media today as she reported on today's hearing

Following the court hearing, students was able to present questions to the Justices, some asking about the steps to become a member of the highest court in Indiana, education and can they be objective when presiding over a court case.

The students were thrilled not only to be out of school for the day, but many really thrilled to be able to watch a court hearing for the very first time in their lives.

All of Lawrence County Judges were glad to see the students who were able to see their government live at work with a real case.

Lawrence County Zephyr will feature today's hearing in another story.

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