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GM Announces Plans for $51 Million Investment In Bedford Plant with EV Technology

BEDFORD - (December 7, 2021) - General Motors has announced plans to invest more than $51 Million in its Bedford Plant.

The automaker says it will install state of the art equipment to support the manufacture of drive unity castings for the Cheverolet Silverado EV, as well as other existing applications.

GM says it will begin renovation work at the 1 million square foot aluminum die cast foundry immediately.

The GM Powertrain Bedford employees 900 workers which opened in 1942.

According to Local UAW 440 President Derek Cronin 80 hourly positions will be cut at this time next year, with an end to SPM Operations.

General Motors made two announcements concerning the Bedford Plant today.

First the SPM operations will phase out over the next 12 months. Second a $51 Million investment will made in the Bedford Plant at facilitate new product lines to support General Motors transition to EV technology.

The SPM business was time limited, and it had a life cycle.

General Motors has placed over $800 Million in investment in the Bedford Plant over the last ten years.

General Motors is looking forward to the new EV technology and believes that the Bedford Plant can step in supporting the vehicle portfolio with die casting expertise unmatched in the auto industry.

" We can look forward to the opportunities that will las, and this union leadership will fight for that solution. We want to work that will help ensure that even the employees, with little senority, if they choose can count on retiring from Bedford," said Cronin.

" Todays, announcement feels like a double-edged sword. Your local Union will maintain the fight for new work, new full-time jobs, and technology that supports both. It will take time, but we all want sustainability for this facility," said Cronin in announcement to UAW 440 members following today's announcement.

General Motors plan to offer 30 new Electric Vehicles globally by 2025.

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