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Emergency Personnel Help Injured Hiker on Lake Monroe

MONROE COUNTY - JUNE 5, 2022 - Emergency personnel were called to the Cutright area of Lake Monroe last night a little after 9pm for an injured hiker.

Courtesy photos by Monroe Fire Protection District

It was reported that the hiker was still out on the trail and could not walk and people were going to get to the water's edge to flag down emergency personnel.

Firefighters were given a lift by a good Samaritan in their boat to help start locating the injured hiker while additional fire units with our boat were still enroute.

Indiana Department of Natural Resource officers and Monroe Fire Protection District firefighters located the people on the bank of the lake who led firefighters and paramedics to where the hiker was. The hiker was then carried down to the water and loaded onto the boat.

Emergency crews then transported the hiker, their family, and two dogs back across the lake between the three boats.

Monroe Fire Protection District was assisted on the call by Indiana Department of Natural Resource officers, IU Health Lifeline Ambulance, and a good Samaritan.

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