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Construction over $1 Million in Bedford for the Month of October

BEDFORD - NOVEMBER 15, 2022 - Construction in the City of Bedford exceeded $1 million for the month of October with a new building constructed at General Motors with $320,000 in construction costs.

Underground storage tanks being replaced at Marathon Station 2504 16th Street in Bedford

In addition, the Marathon Station located at 2504 West 16th Street replaced their underground storage tanks that had water leaking into their tanks. That project added to $200,000 in additional construction projects.

Residential construction had over a half million in new residential construction in the month of October. New home construction within the city continues with more expected in 2023.

During the winter months construction tends to cool off, with a warmup expected in the spring.

Total permits issued for the Month of October:

  • Certificate of Occupancy - 2

  • Commercial Building with inspections - 3

  • Commercial with no inspections -1

  • Demolitions - 1

  • New Public Building - 1

  • New Residential construction - 5

  • Residential with no inspection - 3

  • Residential with inspections -3

  • Signs - 5

  • Total permits issued - 24

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