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City of Bedford missing "Welcome to Bedford" sign as the two local Lawrence County businesses are left unpaid in a dispute with Infinity Solutions

BEDFORD - APRIL 15, 2024 - The work is not yet complete on the derrick that was being refurbished by Infinity Solutions who was the lowest bid for the project.

The City of Bedford is left with an uncompleted job that was to be done by last Thursday and two local Lawrence County businesses are left unpaid for their subcontracted work already performed.

The contractor Infinity Solutions has already received payment from the City of Bedford for the project.

Photo: There is no "Welcome to Bedford" sign as the contractor Infinity Solutions and two Lawrence County businesses who was subcontracted for their work are left unpaid

The Bedford Board of Works received two bids for the derrick project. McIntyre Brothers submitted a bid of $219,433.88 and Infinity Solution Excavating Inc. submitted a bid of $113,662.19.

The City of Bedford was awarded a grant of $100,000 matching grant from ROI's Ready Communities 2.0 program to restore the Welcome to Bedford Derrick and install the Land of Limestone exhibit at Stonegate Arts and Education Center.

Needmore Powder Coating and Fayetteville One Stop is waiting for their payment for the work already finished.

Taxpayers are questioning why the City of Bedford did not do their due diligence in awarding the contract to a company, who is being sued in several counties in Indiana and New York.

Monday morning the Lawrence County Zephyr reached out to Ashli Moore, one of the owners of the Infinity Solutions. However, her voicemail was full and could not be reached.

On Saturday, Moore left the following message:

" I will be contacting our attorney about the false information you have posted in your article and your webpage. Your article is inaccurate and our attorney will be looking into a defamation suit against the Lawrence County Zephyr," stated Ashli Moore.

Since the news story broke several companies that have been left without being compensated by Infinity Solutions for work performance has reached out to the Lawrence County Zephyr telling their stories about being in their terms "frauded" out of money.

One of those companies Omni Towers who did a lot of sub-contract work with Infinity Solutions and did not receive payment. The company has ran out of money because of this but has not been able to prosecute the owners Tyler Moore and Ashli Moore.

The Lawrence County Zephyr reached out to both Needmore Coating and Fayetteville One Stop who is upset with not being compensated for work performed in a agreement with Tyler Moore another part owner of Infinity Solutions.

Both Needmore Powder Coating and Fayetteville One Stop says there is still some work yet to be completed for the project but the owner of Needmore Powder Coating is holding the "Welcome to Bedford" sign until he receives payment for worked perform up to this time.

" I have Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and have been working on it with pain and in order to get it done. There is only one place that needs to be painted, but because the derrick was laying on the ground Fayetteville One Stop has a place they need to weld. Once the welding is complete we will finish the project. They was pleased with how the sign looks and was done," said David Hess, owner Needmore Powder Coating.

" We have a ring that we need to fix, but instead of them bringing the derrick to my shop as I requested to do the fabrication, they insisted it be left at the location. This left one place we could not get to the ring until it was moved off the ground. The ground surrounding the derrick was re-seeded and they would not allow us back until the grass was ready," said Doug Saladee, owner Fayetteville One Stop.

Fayetteville One Stop said they have worked several projects with Infinity Solutions and have slowly been compensated on those jobs. But, this is the first time of not being paid.

Fayetteville One Stop is owed $8,878 and Needmore Powder Coating approximately $9,000.

" This would pay for my funeral, if they would just pay what was owed to this point. I was told by Infinity Solutions they will not get paid until the job is completed by the City of Bedford, but I called Brandon Woodward Bedford Planning Department; who told me that Infinity Solutions was paid in full. So I will be holding the sign until at least our company gets paid for the work I done at this time," said David Hess owner Needmore Coating.

Neither Needmore Powder Coating and Fayetteville One Stop expect to get paid, as many companies have been left without being paid and court cases are being filed.

" I have used $4,000 of my own money wrapped up in materials because this being a government job required special primers and paint. My company is just left out at this point in time," concluded Hess.

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Apr 16

It is a crying shame that someone would try to cheat two small businesses out of what is owed them.

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